Loyalist of the Year Award Announced

New Eden News | YC113-11-16

Amarr Empire, New Eden - Each year, PIE Inc. sponsors awards aimed at recognising those who have taken extraordinary steps to further the Amarr Empire over the previous twelve months.

The first of the two awards is the "Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year". This award is limited to pilots of Amarrian, Khanid, or Ni-Kunni descent who have been recognised for having done the most for the Empire. The second award is the "Loyal Servant of the Year". This award recognises the pilot, of any race or descent, who has done the most to further the goals of the Empire.

The nomination process is fairly straightforward. People may make nominations for the appropriate awards as long as they are not nominating any current member of PIE Inc., a member of their current corporation, or themselves. In addition to this, current members of PIE Inc. are not permitted to make nominations.

Admiral Rodj Blake, of PIE Inc., stated how it works: "Although it is PIE who decides upon the winners, we do not nominate them. Therefore, for someone to win, they must have impressed not only PIE but the wider capsuleer community. As such their deed can be held up as an example of what it means to serve the Empire and serve as an inspiration to others who may wish to follow in their footsteps."

Nominations will close on the 3rd of December. At that time, PIE Inc. leadership will take all nominations, reduce them to a list of no more than 6 pilots for each award, and deliver these ballots to the PIE Inc. membership for voting. Admiral Blake said the plan is to announce the winners on the 17th of December.

"The Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year" will be awarded a Navy Issue Apocalypse, while the winner of the "Loyal Servant of the Year" will receive a Navy Issue Omen.

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