Awakened Infomorph Spotted Across New Eden

New Eden News | YC113-07-28

​During the past two weeks, an Awakened Informorph has been increasingly spotted in systems across New Eden. New and interesting developments have followed in its wake including increased Sleeper aggression, changes in Sansha strategy and the reported construction of new Drone structures in the Genesis region.

Drone Structure in Promised Land​Last Tuesday the Blazing Angels alliance discovered an "Awakened Infomorph" on their directional scans during standard wormhole mining operations. Shortly after, a wormhole opened up in "the middle of the gravimetric site and sleepers came pouring out." stated Slade Nightstrum.

​During last week's Sansha blockade of Jita in the New Caldari system, an Awakened Infomorph was spotted observing the battle between capsuleers and Citizen Astur.

​Finally, reports from The Synenose Accord [SYNE] this past Saturday say they've spotted an Awakened Infomorph in the Promised Land and surrounding region. This region was once dominated by Bloodraider pirates. However their influence is being slowly displaced by an increasing Rogue Drone presence. Local and SYNE pilots have confirmed that "Rogue Drone hives are now appearing in the area. Visual analysis suggests that their sites are generally small-to-medium sized, off-grid, and in the medium-to-late stages of construction." Speaking to SYNE pilot Unit XS365BT, she let slip that there was "another Drone complex within the Dead End system" which she recently surveyed.

​It is unknown whether it has been the same Awakened Infomorph in all three sightings. However its presence has been linked to unusual events.

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