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Starkmanir Religious Leader Killed In Violent Riot

  • YC112-09-28

    Abudban - A Brutor Tribe-owned Minmatar refugee settlement in Abudban endured a violent riot last night, during which visiting Starkmanir Sage Uldas Dreeter was killed by anti-theists who were protesting his public services. The Brutor Tribe has deployed a number of riot police units to the refugee outpost and is in the process of relaying the different groups to segregated habitation modules. As a cleric of the Amarr faith, Uldas Dreeter had been touring the Republic for several months. He had [...]

    Theatre Bombed

    • YC112-09-24

      PATOR - The Minmatar People's Theatre's main stage was bombed this morning, only a few short hours after the opening night of controversial play 'Plantation.' The theatre was empty and there were no injuries. A group calling themselves Free Our Families has claimed responsibility with a statement issued to press. "The Amarrian slave holders in this play are cast as thinly disguised caricatures of Shakor and the other tribal chiefs. This goes beyond racism. If the MPT will not shut down this [...]

      Massive Raid Lands Pharmaceutical Company CEO in Jail

      • YC112-09-23

        HARNER - A cross-agency Gallente law enforcement task force conducted an early-morning raid on a small, unlicensed and unregistered pharmaceutical company following a week-long sting operation. Acting on information received from an informant, agents posed as mining colony directors attempting to purchase the so-called 'Liberty' pill. Once put in touch with company head Pierre Allendreau, authorities quickly moved to shut down the manufacturer. On-site they found over five million 'Liberty' pills, [...]

        Preview Marred by Protest - Violence

        • YC112-09-22

          PATOR - Social activists opposed to the newest production of controversial 600-year-old play 'Plantation' at the Minmatar People's Theatre on Pator launched a highly visible complaint last night. About an hour before the curtain went up on the preview, the protestors appeared at the front entrance. As a result, the performance started slightly behind schedule. The protest remained peaceful until the curtain closed. As the crowd exited the theatre, the protest shifted gears and became violent. The [...]

          'Liberty' Pill Identified

          • YC112-09-21

            LUMINAIRE - Gallente Customs officials have solved part of the mystery surrounding the 'Liberty' pills seized last week in the Weraroix system. The nanobots each pill contained appear to have been designed to make their way to strategic parts of the body, including the lungs, where they instigate general hypoxia and eventually lead the subject to quietly expire from oxygen deprivation. The Sisters Of Eve have since confirmed the 'Liberty' pill to be behind the mass suicide at Gererique. "We found a [...]

            Mystery Cargo Seized

            • YC112-09-17

              WERAROIX - A routine ore hauler customs check yesterday uncovered a cargo that officials are still at a loss to explain. The ship was carrying supplies to be traded at Yvaeroure, where they were to make their next pick up. Among those supplies was a container of individually wrapped pills, unidentified except for the word 'Liberty' etched into each one. Upon analysis of the pills it was discovered that each one contained a small cluster of nanobots, the function of which is still unknown. The crew was [...]

              Intertribal Tensions Plague Resettled Thukker

              • YC112-09-15

                Ryddinjorn - Ethnic violence broke out today in the normally quiet town of Hrangsdor, as the predominantly Brutor community reacted to the presence of resettled Thukker members of the Fuldis caravan. Formerly nomadic, nearly half of the members of the Fuldis caravan opted to form a permanent settlement last fall, choosing Ryddinjorn as their new home. Since that time, the lukewarm welcome has turned to outright suspicion, culminating in today's outbreak of widespread vandalism and protests. Many [...]

                Cultural Friction Turns Minmatar Refugee Ghettos Into Battlegrounds

                • YC112-09-14

                  Rens - Organized crime and culturally motivated violence have become staples of life in the housing shanties dotting Rens and other systems taking in Minmatar refugees. The Sisters of EVE have admitted to difficulties maintaining order in the temporary settlements, and hope to launch joint efforts with help from the tribes and local law enforcement. The mixture of Minmatar who still adhere to the Amarrian faith and Minmatar who possess staunch anti-Amarr sentiments has become a problem. Aggressive [...]

                  Plantation Director Receives Death Threats

                  • YC112-09-10

                    PATOR - Protestors upset with the planned staging of controversial 6-centuries-old play 'Plantation' picketed the box office of the Minmatar People's Theatre today. As the office opened and season passes went on sale, protestors carried signs and chanted slogans portraying the MPT as slave-holders. "This is ridiculous" said the show's director, Jaken Lagos. "I'm receiving death threats over this. The setting is updated to modern day Pator, and all the characters are now Minmatar, so how it can be [...]

                    Mass Suicide on Mining Colony

                    • YC112-09-07

                      GERERIQUE - An Astral Mining ore hauler made a grisly discovery yesterday when docking for its regularly scheduled pickup. After the vessel had proved unable to reach anyone on the colony for over an hour, some of the crew were sent to investigate. They found every man, woman, and child on the colony dead, seemingly by their own hand. According to Lenz Kaaloaka, a Sisters of Eve Agent who was one of the first on the scene: "We're not sure exactly how it was done, but it does appear as though they did [...]

                      Writers Union Backs MPT

                      • YC112-09-06

                        HEK - The Matari Writers Association, a union representing writers of theatre and holovid pieces, today backed the MPT's decision to produce the highly controversial play 'Plantation.' "While we do not normally condone the adaptation of works outside of their intended millieu, we also do not condone repression of freedom of any kind. We find the actions of those upset with the MPT's decision to stage this play to be reprehensible," said Koto Rydd, the group's spokesman. The play, written 600 years ago [...]

                        Politician Defends Funding Decision

                        • YC112-09-03

                          PATOR - Wentach Mennar, an ex-member of parliament for the Representative Party, issued a statement today defending the decision to award grant money to the Minmatar People's Theatre for their staging of 600-year-old play 'Plantation.' "Grants are made on the basis of the applicant, not on the merits of the project. The MPT has been providing quality theatre here in the capital for over 15 years," said Mennar. "The fact so many people are talking about the play should be proof this troupe knows what [...]

                          Sarum Symphony a glorious triumph

                          • YC112-09-02

                            Mekhios - From the hushed and pensive opening notes to the stirring triumphal finale, Khitian Maritak's choral Sarum Symphony held listeners entranced for the entirety of its three-hour length. "I wanted to express [the Empress'] rise to power as the journey of her lifetime, to make the audience feel her experience," the honored composer stated later in an open interview. Home viewers may not have received quite as powerful an experience as the attendees, but the program has been recorded to produce [...]

                            Media Watch-Group Outraged

                            • YC112-09-01

                              PATOR - The Minmatar People's Theatre announced their new season today, drawing fire from media watchgroups outraged at the inclusion of what they call a "rascist" play. The MPT, who were the last group to receive funding from the now-defunct parliament, will stage a version of the 600-year-old 'Plantation' by Ammatar author Dekkameron. Though the play is considered by many a classic, at least one of the groups, Equality in Action, plans to protest the show. "There is no redeeming social value in this [...]