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Honored Composer to Commemorate Empress

  • YC112-06-29

    Amarr Prime - Renowned composer Khitian Maritak, whose numerous canticles earned her the coveted Theology Council title "The Holy Inspired" and whose recent historical opera, "The Trials of Jiustan and Daro," won acclaim across the cluster, has announced the her latest creation, a choral titled "Sarum Symphony." Jamyl Sarum's mysterious and explosive return to power two years ago signalled the beginning of a new era for the Amarr Empire. This symphonic piece is to be performed in the Grand Nave of the [...]

    Imperial Fleets On High Alert Following Evidence Of Sansha Capital Fleet in Jove Space

    • YC112-06-26

      Amarr - In reaction to the data acquired by capsuleer Mouse Nell, indicating a major Sansha military presence within the borders of the Jove Empire, the Amarr Empire has set all its military forces to a state of high alert. This marks the first time the entirety of the Empire's main capital force - The Imperial Domain Fleet - has been mobilized since the invasion in YC110. In addition to the activation of the Imperial fleets, Amarr Certified News reports that the regional forces of the Royal Houses [...]

      Capsuleer Probe Scouts Other Side of Nation Wormhole; Returns Images of Jovian Space.

      • YC112-06-26

        3-CE1R - The recent Sansha's Nation attacks took a dramatic turn yesterday after a probe launched by capsuleer Mouse Nell recovered the first images from the other side of the wormhole used by Nation vessels. Imagery relayed by the probe revealed a massed Nation fleet idling outside a station of Jovian design. DED Signals Intelligence has confirmed the feed as authentic and CONCORD Special Operative Haeldone Dorgiers has also confirmed the station as the Prosper Vault in 3-CE1R, the same system where [...]

        Alliance Tournament VIII from IC

        • YC112-06-05

          As the participants prepare for Alliance Tournament VIII, the Interstellar Correspondents announce the launch of their coverage website, offering everything from catch up videos to full statistics in one place: [ ]( The website provides match schedules and results, news reports, match images, ship by ship statistics and high definition videos of every match (when they become available). There will also be interactive charts, alliance biographies and statistics. [...]

          CONCORD Releases Missive on Imminent "112 Land Rush"

          • YC112-06-04

            Begin Transmission June 4th, YC 112 00:00 CONCORD Secure Commerce Commission For immediate release to all registered capsuleers: In accordance with the Planetary Development Treaty, which will come into effect on June 8, YC 112, capsuleers will be permitted full access to surface resources, allowing them to purchase and operate facilities on most planets in New Eden and in wormhole space. The SCC has reviewed all possible scenarios that accompany the rapid expansion of capsuleer influence in the [...]

            Sansha Kuvakei's Resurrection: Truth or Trickery?

            • YC112-06-03

              Yulai - Sansha's Nation continues to assault settlements of all four empires, with the total number of abductions rising into the millions. The sudden intensity and frequency of the attacks has fueled rampant theories about their motives and the nature of their resurgence. Most distressing to some is the possible revival of Sansha Kuvakei. The founder of the Nation, Kuvakei has long been assumed dead, killed during the invasion by a coalition of the empires under the then-nascent CONCORD. While his [...]