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Umokka Raided By Sansha's Nation, Abductions Escalate

  • YC112-05-16

    Umokka, Lonetrek - In the evening of 112.05.13, a Sansha's Nation raiding fleet attacked Umokka II and VIII simultaneously. During the raid, which lasted no more than thirty minutes, an estimated 50,000 citizens were abducted from planet VIII, while the Sansha claimed that Ummoka II was "completely harvested," and some 100,000 people have been reported missing. According to Yoshitaka Moromuo, who was leading Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Division's response fleet, the Nation vessels entered Umokka through a [...]

    Calls rise for Ardishapur to be given more authority

    • YC112-05-13

      As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour winds down, an upswell of support for the Royal Heir has led to calls he be given expanded influence over the Empire's affairs. Perhaps inspired by the open courts Lord Ardishapur has held in his own domains, many have suggested that Ardishapur be given judiciary powers across the Empire. Many supporters have also pointed to the "near-miraculous" recovery of the Ammatar Mandate as reason for an expansion of Ardishapur's powers. Currently, the calls remain disjointed [...]

      Ardishapur refutes claims he has overstepped bounds of power

      • YC112-05-10

        The popularity of Lord Ardishapur's speaking engagements have continued to rise, with events now selling out stadium-sized venues and being broadcast to millions system-wide. The engagements have not been without some controversy, however, as some claim the Heir has overstepped the traditional bounds of his power. The claims began after an incident in Dantan, where two long-feuding Holders approached the Royal Heir for advice to resolve their dispute. According to one of the Holders, they "have been [...]

        Ducia Foundry Team Target of Mysterious Attack

        • YC112-05-07

          X-7OMU - Following up on an anonymous report, The Scope has obtained classified sensor data from a Sisters of Eve search vessel sent deep into w-space. The operation was undertaken at the request of Ducia Foundry for the recovery of a team which was reported missing earlier in the week. The leaked sensor data reveals damage visible on recovered ships and outpost structures which is minimal and does not follow known Sleepers attack patterns. All members of the missing team are as yet unaccounted for [...]

          Ardishapur holding public court during engagements in own domains

          • YC112-05-05

            Sasta - In an unusual move, Lord Yonis Ardishapur has begun holding public court while touring his domains. Following his speaking engagements, the Heir has been opening his ears to the grievances of his underlings. During a recent speaking engagement in the Ammatar system of Sasta, Lord Ardishapur held a public court, encouraging all members of society to bring their problems before him. While it is common for the Heirs to hold Royal Courts and hear the grievances of Holders under their rule, it is [...]