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Holoreel actors walk off set in mass protest

  • YC109-07-29

    PERTNINEERE - The set of Impetus's latest epic war movie, The Trials of Shintah , has descended into turmoil after the majority of the cast walked off set, refusing to work. The strike is unprecedented in the holo-vid industry, and in Impetus itself, and threatens to cost the company billions of ISK in revenue if production continues to be delayed. Organized by lead actress Salome Naut, the actors all walked off set on Monday citing terrible conditions, a lack of basic amenities, and director [...]

    Independent Gaming Commission to host Alliance Tournament

    • YC109-07-23

      Woratome Kikawa, Chief Executor of the newly-founded Independent Gaming Commission last week announced that the Commission will officially take over handling of capsuleer alliance tournaments. ´I'm happy to announce that the Tournament will continue, but it is not longer strictly tied to one empire. To collect the funding needed for the tournament we now instead have investors from all four. From the Caldari State, we welcome members of the Mercantile Club; from the Minmatar Republic we enjoy the [...]

      Order and safety restored to Caldari cities.

      • YC109-07-18

        The past several weeks have been witness to riots and bloodshed within several Caldari cities due to the actions of a CEP-classified “terrorist group” known as the Brothers of Freedom. Disillusioned citizens have taken to the streets, often in violent confrontations with the authorities. Lead by Melarius Torvil, the Brothers of Freedom claims to be working towards the “restoration of the Caldari people and the Caldari ideal”. Their repeated claims to bring an end to alleged corruption and self-serving [...]

        Unusual hobby sweeps backwater Amarr system

        • YC109-07-18

          NAHOL - An unusual hobby has taken the small, backwater Amarr system of Nahol by storm; Thousands of Amarrians have begun growing sweet pod melons. Everyone, from young children to even a few Holders have begun growing the melons and competing each other to see who can grow the largest melons in the fastest period of time. The sweet pod melon is a native of the lush jungles of Intaki Prime. It has a dark yellowish skin and elongated, round shape. For centuries, the fruit has been harvested and [...]

          Intaki Bank secures funding for Syndicate R&D program

          • YC109-07-17

            POITOT, SYNDICATE - The Intaki Bank has secured funding for an extensive interstellar R &D; program, its spokesman revealed during a delayed Quarterly Reports meeting today. The project will be run on behalf of parent body The Syndicate - which was recently granted licenses to key astromechanical patents - and while no official confirmation has been given, most analysts agree it will be almost certainly focused on starship technology. Intaki Bank CFO Mesybier Echard refused to comment on the nature of [...]

            "Harmless prank" leads to massive battery shortage (UPDATED)

            • YC109-07-06

              LONETREK - What began as a children's prank has blossomed into a minor crisis for a Caldari Steel Factory in the Anin system. The prank, initiated by two teenagers whose names have not been released by officials, has causes millions of ISK worth of damage and has left the station perilously low on Hydrogen Batteries, which it uses to power many of its non-essential functions. The prank was meant to cause one of the teens' schoolmates to show up to classes the next day showing signs of inebriation and [...]

              Interview with the Interstellar Gaming Consortium

              • YC109-07-02

                Racing has been a commonly seen pod pilot sporting event for years, with the most famous example being the Caldari COLOSSUS race series. Over the last year, however, the pod-pilot organized Interstellar Gaming Consortium has institutionalized the practice of pod pilot racing to a degree not seen before. Where previous races have either been one shot events or short series, the ISGC Racing League is on its third season complete with corporate sponsorship from pod pilot organizations, of which the most [...]

                Caldari Gaming Commission will no longer host the Alliance Tournaments

                • YC109-07-02

                  Dabel Kaelikohani, founder of the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC), announced yesterday that the Alliance Tournament will no longer be hosted by the Commission. Kaelikohani released a statement to all major news agencies concerning the future of the CGC. In the statement Kaelikohani explained why he felt that hosting the Tournament was no longer a feasible business venture for the CGC ' After much deliberation the management of the CGC has come to the conclusion that hosting the Tournament will not be [...]