Order and safety restored to Caldari cities.

New Eden News | YC109-07-18

The past several weeks have been witness to riots and bloodshed within several Caldari cities due to the actions of a CEP-classified “terrorist group” known as the Brothers of Freedom. Disillusioned citizens have taken to the streets, often in violent confrontations with the authorities.

Lead by Melarius Torvil, the Brothers of Freedom claims to be working towards the “restoration of the Caldari people and the Caldari ideal”. Their repeated claims to bring an end to alleged corruption and self-serving nature of leaders within the State has resonated amongst a vocal section of the public, who have taken up arms in an oftentimes brutal service of this cause.

During the riots and violence sparked by the organization however, over ten thousand State citizens have been injured or killed, with thousands more displaced due to damages done to residential and commercial districts. The damage caused by their actions is reported to be considerable, causing significant damage to planet-side economies and threatening to impact the space-bound economic balance if the situation continues to decline.

The significant harm already caused by the Brothers of Freedom has cast widespread doubt in many circles over the sincerity of their claims and the ideals they allegedly espouse. The death toll on both sides of the conflict continues to climb, adding considerable numbers to the already alarming loss of life caused by scuffles such as the May 12th incident in New Caldari.

“I just don’t see who it is they are supposed to be helping with this violent pursuit of their objectives,” stated Masani Ahkam, a prominent Republican abolitionist.

“We see this so often in the Republic, where young men see no option available for change beyond futile attempts at a violent overthrow. Violence is always met with more violence and nothing is ever achieved but bloodshed. These people inside the Brothers of Freedom need to understand that to project the message that every life is precious and worth fighting for, they must first act as if this mantra is true for them also. Right now, the public sees only death and mayhem, not a group leading by example. Mark my words, if this continues, their message will eventually become so diluted that nobody remembers what it is they originally were fighting for.”

Various companies have now begun the arduous process of repairing and restoring the areas that were attacked by the would-be revolutionaries, costing the planetary governments significantly. The local authorities however, have remained focused on quelling the remaining pockets of fighting. However, the fight to bring Melarius Torvil, the mastermind of these attacks to justice continues. Various members of the Brothers of Freedom leadership continue to remain just as elusive. Commander Jurensai of the Caldari Navy issued the following statement:

“While local police forces, reinforced by Navy troops, have been able to put a stop to the Brothers of Freedom’s attacks on several Caldari cities, we are not letting up in our pursuit of these criminals, nor has the fighting ended entirely. We will not allow this criminal organization to continue its attempts to destabilize our State.”

The Navy has issued warrants for all remaining members of the Brothers of Freedom organization, who are believed to have fled the State in secret, leaving only their last known locations as a means to ascertain their current location.

Following a bout of recent losses of manpower and equipment on the side of the Brothers of Freedom, many were surprised to see them not only continuing with their struggle, but in many cases, with better equipment than they had originally begun with.

When asked about claims of outside assistance being given to the Brothers of Freedom, Commander Jurensai stated simply: “It is possible, and such an act would only help in exposing Torvil as the twisted man that he is.”