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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Caldari Gaming Commission under State investigation

  • YC109-04-30

    The Caldari State has agreed to open a fraud investigation into the Caldari Gaming Commission’s (CGC) recent activities, sources revealed yesterday. This follows repeated requests from the Mercantile Club and the Caldari Business Tribunal that an inquiry be made into the CGC's accounting history. The CGC has promised its full cooperation in the investigation. A spokesman said they expect to be cleared of all suspicion once the investigation has been concluded and its outcome is presented to the [...]

    Minmatar to rise above hatred: Midular speaks on discovery of Republic Parliament's secret talks with Ammatar Consulate

    • YC109-04-25

      As reported by the Scope this morning, according to documented sources from within the Republic Parliament, “top people” in the Republic’s governmental infrastructure have been involved in secret talks with representatives from the Ammatar Consulate for the past six days. The talks, all of which took place on Minmatar soil, covered such wide-ranging subjects as POW exchanges, Ndorian mining rights and the retraction of several long-standing war crime accusations on both sides. It is not known at this [...]

      Remaining royal houses speak out on succession debate

      • YC109-04-23

        With the debate over the succession still ongoing in the Empire, the Tash Murkon family called a short press conference to extend their opinion on the ongoing debate, one which they apparently feel affects their house greatly. Taridor Khiknizi spoke for house Tash Murkon and went on to say: "While we acknowledge and respect the views of the other Royal Houses, this Royal House is strongly against the racial implications of allowing only True Amarr to decide the next championship. The Empire was forged [...]

        The Cat's Whiskers caught in drugs crackdown.

        • YC109-04-18

          SINQ LAISON - The newly reformed Gallente Regional Drugs Squad (GRDS) of Federation Customs has already begun operating, executing a drugs raid against the Cat's Whiskers nightclub. The operation was lead by "Inspector Xavier", a Customs Officer with over twenty-five years of experience in anti-narcotics law enforcement. The recent upturn in the Federation economy has allowed Federation Customs to increase their staff numbers and the scope of their continuing operations against illegal booster [...]

          Federation Budget Report Released

          • YC109-04-17

            The Federation Government released its annual budget report last Wednesday afternoon, in a statement issued at the Senate’s final yearly sitting. Addressing a wide range of recent economic improvements, the report showed a financially healthy Federation geared towards a solid period of growth and consolidation. An excerpt of the release delivered by Presidential Spokesperson Yuri Meureux follows: _“The Federation has never been stronger, and it is clear to see that this is due to a sound foreign [...]

            Mordu's Legion launches Flagship vessel.

            • YC109-04-14

              5ZXX-K - On Thursday 12th at approximately 11:00, the first of two planned Flagships was launched in the Mordu's HQ System. The vessel, christened ”Honour” , will be under the direct command of Colonel Akuras of the Mordu's Legion Command. The exact specifications of the ship remain unknown, although anonymous high-level sources have supported more widespread rumours that the vessel is a capital-class craft of some kind. The Legion itself has refrained from officially commenting on the ship type at [...]

              Innovatio sale delayed by shocking allegations.

              • YC109-04-12

                NEW CALDARI - The acquisition of Innovaatio Varustukset by Ishukone Corporation, scheduled for April 11, was derailed by a last minute scandal when accusations of underhanded business dealings between the two corporations surfaced. The Chief Executive Panel of the Caldari State (CEP) has ordered a temporary halt on the sale to begin an inquiry into the matter. The trade which was set to occur at a ceremony held in station at New Caldari, was almost finalised when Kalaakiota Corporation representative [...]

                Conditions Deplorable In Border Region Creches

                • YC109-04-07

                  SIVALA - Caldari State officials have ordered the immediate closure of seven child creches across the Sivala, Yashunen and Iivinen systems after recent inspections deemed them not fit for human habitation. More than three dozen arrest warrants have been issued as a result of the alleged gross negligence displayed by the management and ownership of the closed facilities. The investigation into creche facilities both planetside and on stations within the border region has uncovered squalid conditions [...]

                  Innovaatio sells to Ishukone for surprising sum

                  • YC109-04-06

                    Innovaatio Varustukset, the military development corporation that was last week at the centre of a heated bidding war, has sold to Ishukone for a price of 680 billion ISK. The highest bid exceeded almost everyone’s expectations on the final sale price. Following an intense bidding war between almost all of the Caldari State MegaCorps, last week only three serious contenders remained: Ishukone, Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi. After a tense round of final bids from the three corporations, it was revealed that [...]

                    Speaker of Truths saved by PIE Inc and Ordo Quaesitoris

                    • YC109-04-05

                      Last Sunday evening the Amarrian Speaker of Truths, Brother Joshua, was attacked by the Holland Reclamation and Salvage corporation en route to the Ordion system. Thanks to a capsuleer escort, however, he was able to proceed on his journey unharmed. Last week, Brother Joshua publicly announced his intention to travel through the Kor-Azor region in order to investigate “allegations of misconduct” on the behalf of Aritcio Kor-Azor, after getting permission from the Theology Council to conduct such an [...]

                      Succession debate rages on.

                      • YC109-04-03

                        At the most recent sitting of the Privy council, Pomikide Haromi, steward of House Sarum, voiced his house's express views on the recent succession debate. “House Sarum feels that the past open doors policy of ascension was patently ridiculous. We cannot and should not allow anyone but true Amarrians to decide the future of our glorious empire. It's no wonder that the last two chosen Emperors were such weaklings? It is time for Amarrians to stand for Amarr, stop kowtowing to these heathen Empires and [...]