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Combat booster production begins on the frontier.

  • YC109-03-27

    Pilots desperate for any edge in space will rejoice at the news of the marketing of combat boosters by various capsuleer organisations. Initial batches are already hitting the markets and seeing use in battle as Corelum Syndicate and Hedonistic Imperatives lead the way, with their unique focus on black market commodities and services. In a press release issued last week, Corelum Syndicate stated that they were now taking orders for Exile combat boosters. This initial market push represents the [...]

    Heir speaks out on succession as debate continues

    • YC109-03-27

      Last month witnessed an unprecedented request from Amarrian capsuleers that they be informed as to the progress of the investigation into the assassination of Emperor Doriam. Despite serving as a severe breach of protocol, the request sparked fervent academic debate within the Empire regarding the next Succession championships and what form they will take. While no outright dissent has been aired on the issue, it is no secret that the people of the Empire are growing impatient with the wait for a new [...]

      Bidding War heats up for Military Development Corp

      • YC109-03-26

        Innovaatio Varustukset, a small independent military development company, has found itself at the centre of an intense bidding war between the Caldari MegaCorps. The corporation, founded a decade ago by current CEO Markku Samuli, is unusual amongst Caldari entities in that it is entirely privately owned and run, without any connection to the larger Caldari MegaCorps. Whilst such approaches are traditionally a disadvantage in the ruthless economic battlegrounds of the State, the company's innovative [...]

        ISS Launches Caravan Fleet

        • YC109-03-25

          The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has launched the first of its Caravan fleets on March 25, marking a new chapter in their history of innovation and zero-sec pioneering. The Carrier-led fleets will journey out to the recently uncovered regions, where they will conduct personal trades, as well as seed the markets with goods. Since the loss of their outposts, the future of the ISS had been somewhat uncertain, beyond general statements that they would continue to push for innovative approaches to zero- [...]

          Speaker of Truths appears at Liparer II

          • YC109-03-23

            Seconds before the largest settlements on Lipairer II was to be incinerated by the lasers of the Kor-Azor fleet, a Speaker of Truths appeared and demanded they hold their fire. Last week had seen the escalation of events on Liparer II with the Holders rising in near-rebellion against the rule of House Kor-Azor. The House's representative promptly gave a deadline for submission, adding that it would otherwise send a fleet to “completely obliterate all resistance”. As the Holders did not stand down, a [...]

            Independence “nothing to worry about” say analysts.

            • YC109-03-20

              Recent figures compiled by CONCORD statisticians have shown that despite the ever-increasing trend towards total capsuleer independence, the four Empires will still have a large core of loyal and capable supporters. The reports confirm a growing trend of support amongst the space bound class, and points towards an increasingly relaxed stance from all factions towards their rising independence. Just one example out of many is Siri Blue, a Gallente who has joined an elite group of capsuleers held in the [...]

              Kor-Azor situation escalates on Liparer II

              • YC109-03-16

                The Kor-Azor region continues to be the site of unrest, exemplified this week by the situation on Liparer II. The debacle began when Holder Keraci was overheard by visiting Kor-Azor courtiers as he told his wife that Aritcio Kor-Azor is ‘‘not fit to be Heir and belongs in a damn mental institution for his new regulations and sanctions.’’ When Aritcio heard word of what was being said on Liparer II he ordered that every Holder and his family on the planet would be stripped of his fine robes and dressed [...]

                Mysterious Death linked to Drug scarcity

                • YC109-03-15

                  PLACID: The gruesome discovery of the body of a man identified as Bevarius Qolemar has been made in Osmeden, baffling investigators with the severity of injuries suffered showing signs of torture and alleged links to organised crime. The grisly remains of the victim, whom had been missing for a week were found in his quarters and whilst the exact cause of death is still under question, it has been reported that he was tortured over an extended period of time. Station security stated that they had [...]

                  Karishal's Defiance ended

                  • YC109-03-14

                    PROVIDENCE – The war between Ushra’Khan and Curatores Veritatis Alliance took a new turn on Wednesday, and continues unabated with CVA taking control of the station system QR-K85 earlier. CVA had declared war on Imperial Order following a succession of incidents in the former's space that led IO to join forces with U'K but this appeared not enough to stem the tide. The initial target of the CVA and its allies appeared to be more of a strike at morale rather than a tactical push, with their initial [...]

                    Republic unrest continues, Bloody Hands support grows.

                    • YC109-03-05

                      Matar - “One ISK for Midular” said many of the banners at a large protest rally held today. Local police forces estimated the attendance at around two million people, who packed the main promenade of Matar Prime. The protest, organized by political newcomer “Voices of Matar” party, coincided with marches all across the Republic as the government faces ever-growing anger and disillusionment. The Republic, already under fire for its heavy-handed handling of past protests, responded by stating that it [...]

                      Theology Council Investigations continue

                      • YC109-03-01

                        Acol Yarwema, Chief Operative of the Theology Council, issued a statement yesterday regarding the recent attacks on Theology Council assets. He announced that the Council's ongoing investigation into the attacks, including the interrogation of two recently apprehended pilots, has confirmed earlier suspicions regarding the identity and intentions of those responsible. The statement did not name the suspected attackers. Acol continued, "It is certain the capture of these suspects, aided by capsuleers [...]