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High Risk, High Reward

  • YC109-12-21

    Gambling as a pastime has continued to grow across the cluster and is finding increasing popularity amongst capsuleers as a result. More and more so-called “gambling dens” are being set up by this elite class in areas where there is no legislation to govern them or regulators to monitor their activities. Most commonly, this has taken the form of private fluid router networks. There are countless arrangements of this type, rendering it effectively impossible for the more questionable establishments to [...]

    7th Fleet Appear Blindsided by Defiants

    • YC109-12-19

      Sosala - For the past several weeks The Bleak Lands has been the victim of numerous raids which have targeted and disrupted trade routes and ambushed Amarr Navy patrols throughout the region. The Navy themselves have to date been quick to downplay the effectiveness of the attacks, and to assure the public that the re-appearance of the Defiants was contained and of minimal concern. A few days ago Lieutenant Joshua Epaphras, Capsuleer liason for the 7th Fleet, had this to say: "The situation in The [...]

      Bleak Lands situation still unstable

      • YC109-12-18

        Haras - A variety of unaffiliated sources have reported that strikes continue to be made against Amarrian facilities in The Bleak Lands. In the early hours of the morning, a 7th Fleet communications array in an isolated sector of Haras was destroyed. Reports from survivors have positively identified the attackers as the Minmatar organization called the Defiants. The communications facility is one of several recently established by Admiral Saracen's 7th Fleet and was reportedly under guard by a [...]

        New Region Names Announced.

        • YC109-12-18

          Yulai - At a CONCORD press conference held earlier today, the official nomenclature of the recently opened regions - commonly called "the drone regions" by the general capsuleer populace - was announced. Speculation had been rife regarding the delays in announcing the names following the landmark decision by CONCORD to solicit the capsuleer community in the naming process. Commander Nakuyama, the official in charge of the naming committee, used the conference as an opportunity to apologize for the [...]

          7th Fleet Defense Network Compromised.

          • YC109-12-18

            Sosala - Reports are just filtering in of a large scale fleet assault on the Saracens central defense cortex in The Bleak Lands. The region was beset with numerous small raids prior to the main attack focusing on targets of opportunity in what now looks like an attempt to draw away elements of the 7th Fleet, spreading their forces out thinly. This was followed by a seemingly large, direct fleet assault on the Saracens central defense cortex. A typical Amarrian central defense cortex performs many [...]

            Saracens Push Ahead With Fortification Program

            • YC109-12-06

              Myyhera, The Bleak Lands - In a news release earlier today, Admiral Saracen of the Amarr Navy 7th Fleet stated, “God’s peace is settling in The Bleak Lands, as the 7th Fleet is progressing its fortifications apace and have secured all key systems. Our next major task is to upgrade all communication relays in the region to support Amarr Navy standards, which will be carried out today. After that completion we will have reached our main objectives for this phase of the operation.” The 7th Fleet’s [...]

              Supposedly 'worthless' gas clouds hold potential

              • YC109-12-06

                Professor Gallus Sabathia, a researcher for the University of Caille, has recently released his findings on the gas clouds found in the Elerelle constellation. The clouds, according to the professor, contain a number of degenerate gases related to the cytoserocins found in rarer gas clouds. These degenerate gases resemble, in many ways, the waste materials produced in out-dated booster production. The waste materials aren't of much use on their own, but with the proper additional ingredients and [...]

                Suprise Attack Catches 7th Fleet off Guard

                • YC109-12-06

                  The Bleak Lands - At 11:50 Standard EVE Time today, the following message was transmitted over several independent media frequencies by an individual identifying himself as Ode Goriad. " You thought we were gone. You were wrong. " Multiple sources within the Amarr Navy have confirmed that within minutes of the transmission, unidentified military vessels mounted a concerted attack upon 7th Fleet installations all across The Bleak Lands region. Attempts to mount a coordinated response were hampered by a [...]

                  CreoDron Unveil 'Revolutionary' Innovations

                  • YC109-12-04

                    Last night CreoDron rocked the financial world staging a media and industrial coup at a hastily called press conference. In recent weeks CreoDron have been under intense pressure as allegations flew of financial infractions and attempts to mislead investors. Today CreoDron appear set to reverse the damage done to their public image with one of the most groundbreaking product roll outs in Federation corporate history. At the impromptu press conference CreoDron unveiled a set of new technologies that [...]

                    Annual Physics Summit Unveils New Technology

                    • YC109-12-04

                      Luminaire - Yesterday, the annual Physics Summit - a yearly gathering of highly renowned scientific minds - saw the unveiling of Project Cronus, a highly anticipated yet closely guarded project headed by Gravitech, with assistance from the Kaalakiota Megacorporation. Yukia Feuren, CEO of Gravitech, gave an hour long presentation detailing how Cronus works, with the focus being on the technology directly constructed using theories present at last year's summit: "Theories such as those put forth by [...]

                      Amarr 7th Fleet Fortifies Bases in The Bleak Lands

                      • YC109-12-04

                        Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - After a few hectic days of military operations in the region, the forces of the Amarrian 7th Fleet have begun construction efforts to consolidate and fortify their positions in The Bleak Lands. The Navy Logistics Base at Sahtogas in particular has seen a marked increase in the traffic of heavy industrial ships over the last few days. It would appear that the officers and crews of the Fleet, dubbed "The Saracens" after their charismatic Admiral, are serious about enforcing [...]