7th Fleet Defense Network Compromised.

New Eden News | YC109-12-18

Sosala - Reports are just filtering in of a large scale fleet assault on the Saracens central defense cortex in The Bleak Lands.

The region was beset with numerous small raids prior to the main attack focusing on targets of opportunity in what now looks like an attempt to draw away elements of the 7th Fleet, spreading their forces out thinly. This was followed by a seemingly large, direct fleet assault on the Saracens central defense cortex.

A typical Amarrian central defense cortex performs many functions but the primary one is in coordinating signal scrambling across regions, effectively masking the presence of Amarr Navy facilities from ship scanners.

The details of the attack are little understood at this time, what is certain however is a large number of cynosural field activations and a heavy ship count in the system, unconfirmed sightings of several Minmatar capital ship wrecks have been reported along with numerous other wrecks believing to belong to the Defiants.

What is certain however, is that the attack force seems to have been successful in their assault and the Amarr Navy central defense cortex appears to be non-operational in The Bleak Lands.