CreoDron Unveil 'Revolutionary' Innovations

New Eden News | YC109-12-04

Last night CreoDron rocked the financial world staging a media and industrial coup at a hastily called press conference. In recent weeks CreoDron have been under intense pressure as allegations flew of financial infractions and attempts to mislead investors. Today CreoDron appear set to reverse the damage done to their public image with one of the most groundbreaking product roll outs in Federation corporate history.

At the impromptu press conference CreoDron unveiled a set of new technologies that drone experts predict will revolutionize the remote drone market practically overnight. Based on a series of impressively innovative new patents CreoDron have developed a set of drone control enhancements that offer an unparalleled level of drone manipulation. A number of experts in attendance have gone so far to say, in total agreement, that this could be the basis of a new industry standard technology that will rapidly see widespread acceptance.

CreoDron went on to announce that the technology is already in production and will shortly hit market in the form of a retrofit upgrade package of software and firmware that can swiftly be integrated into a serving ship's systems, bringing the ship ‘up to date’ in short order. Even while the crowd was still coming to grips with this staggering turn of events the CreoDron spokesperson went on to reveal the full scope of this product roll out. It was then revealed that technology-licensing deals have been struck with a number of foreign manufacturers to adapt the CreoDron retrofit package for use with non-Gallente starship systems. The flexibility of this new technology offers a significant advantage over the more cumbersome system currently in use, leading many military analysts to speculate that this will become the 'new standard' of drone manipulation technology.

CreoDron executives and investors are today revelling in the over night turn around of CreoDron's fortunes and expect to see an immense windfall in profits in the coming months through direct sales to the Gallentean market and through royalty payments from the foreign licensing deals. In a further statement CreoDron have now declared that the alleged 'financial black hole', much discussed of late, was simply exaggerated media hype and that the funds had been allocated to classified theoretical research projects designed to usher in a new generation of technologies that will 'secure the company for years to come'. When queried on the nature of the project leading to the revolutionary new products, and of the much debated cancelled R&D; project last month, CreoDron declined to comment further, simply replying that; "The results speak for themselves. Today CreoDron has taken the first stride towards securing the health of our great nation for years to come. We are looking forward to, and planning for, a great future.".