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Pilots rush to Minmatar spy's cause

  • YC108-12-22

    SIRSESHIN - Pod pilots rallied to the aid of exposed secret agent Rirokton Teursen in Sirseshin several weeks ago but were unable to affect his escape from forces bent on his destruction. Eurik Karsteinn, Teursen's loyal friend of many years made a plea in Sirseshin for pilots with good standing towards the Minmatar Republic to form up and aid the agent in his escape. A band of twenty or so answered the call and with news of a Caldari Navy patrol in the vicinity, this added urgency to proceedings and [...]

    Sukuuvestaa play down sabotage link

    • YC108-12-19

      SAISIO - Sukuuvestaa Corporation officials have issued a strenuous denial of involvement in the guerrilla attacks on arch-rival Kaalakiota Corporation's property in Sirppala. Masked individuals had launched an attack on a guard post at a Kaalakiota Factory which injured two security employees and left the building defaced with graffiti. The attack was the latest in a growing trend for unrest in the region following a fall-out between KC officials and union leaders over proposed pay-cuts and poor [...]

      Slave Trading Company Halts Capsuleer Operations

      • YC108-12-16

        Amarrian slave traders Imperial Human Resources announced today that they will no longer be conducting business with pod pilots. The decision comes after a series of violent attacks on IHR shipping orchestrated by the Brutor Freedom Front and their leader Alger Skaven. Speaking from his office in Sharhelund, IHR CEO Malachi Bolden stated that the decision was made after “much deliberation and prayer” following his corporation’s failure to pacify Skaven in The Bleak Lands last week. On December 7th, [...]

        Terrorists strike Kaalakiota security

        • YC108-12-09

          SIRPPALA - Executives of Kaalakiota Corporation held an emergency meeting at the company HQ in Nonni in response to developing industrial action taken by workers in Sirppala and Waskisen following an insurgent attack on Sirppala II. A group of masked individuals launched a guerrilla attack on a guard post at the Kaalakiota Factory on the planet, injuring two security employees and defacing the building. Union leaders have been increasingly disgruntled in recent months as industrial relation talks [...]

          Amarrian regional war at stalemate.

          • YC108-12-06

            KOR-AZOR – A war that began two months ago because of a perceived insult to an Amarrian Holders daughter has ground to a stalemate in the Kor-Azor Region. House Darabi, lead by Iraj Darabi, declared war on House Miyan after Touraj Miyan refused to apologize for unflattering remarks he made about Darabi’s daughter Mina. Although House Miyan’s fleet is nearly twice the size of House Darabi’s, creative tactics by Darabi fleet commanders have made both sides somewhat evenly matched and the war looks to [...]

            Caldari PvP Tournament: First Weekend Review

            • YC108-12-05

              The first weekend of the Third Alliance Tournament has finished and as it has come to be expected famous names have fallen by the wayside whilst unheralded groups have invigorated the championships. Going into the second weekend Mercenary Coalition, one of the pre-tournament favourites having little chance to qualify for the later stages, likewise one of the Southern powers Lotka Volterra became the hunted not the hunter. On the other side of the equation four teams have secured maximum points; [...]

              Mind Clash Champion recieves death threats.

              • YC108-12-05

                Only a few days after the announcement of the annual Mind Clash tournament, current Champion Joelyn Donalokos has received death threats warning against his participation. This latest development has put further doubt around the tournament, and has fuelled previously rising tensions between the two empires. In the face of the threats, Donalokos has remained defiant, stating he will not be intimidated and will continue his preparations. Major networks were quick to pick up the threat, which was leaked [...]

                Mind Clash Tournament announcement sparks controversy.

                • YC108-12-02

                  One of the largest and most lucrative entertainment events of the year is coming around once again, as officials announced the beginning of preparations for the annual Mind Clash tournaments. The press conference held today attracted a great deal of attention to the tournament already, with the announcement that this year’s venue would be Caldari Prime. Controversy surrounding the choice of venue has already ensued, following further clarifications from officials stating that it had been requested [...]