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High Volume Missile Acquisitions Raise Little Question

  • YC108-01-28

    Market and customs agents have noted a recent upswing in the purchase and movement of missiles within Caldari regions. It has been reported by some pilots that large quantities of missiles are being delivered to specific individuals for well above their market price. Over the past few days offers of millions of isk for delivery of large quantities of missiles, ranging from light to cruise, have been publicly solicited across open Caldari channels. Eager and enterprising pilots have stepped up to the [...]

    Matari-Gallente Exodus May Be Underway, New Study Says

    • YC108-01-23

      Researchers at the University of Caille today published a study warning that a mass population exodus from Republic territories may be imminent. According to numbers published in the Federation's Year 107 Census Index, the influx of Matari immigrants into Federation-controlled regions, a figure with little historic variation, has within the past six months swelled to near sevenfold inflation figures from earlier periods. The report cites increasing unemployment numbers, an ailing economy, and the [...]

      Showdown in Serpentis Prime

      • YC108-01-21

        A duel between the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine was fought in the Serpentis Prime system earlier this week. The contest, won by the Serpentis, quietened any speculation that the corporation did not still have its sharp edges. The duel between Admiral Rembran of the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine of Cataclysm Enterprises within the G Alliance had been initiated by a request from Mr. Routine to battle Salvador Sarpati. Sarpati, CEO of the Serpentis Corporation, currently holds the ill- [...]

        Sansha's Nation forces move on Angel Cartel Territory

        • YC108-01-20

          A few days ago Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) forces, on behalf of the Angel Cartel, destroyed a Sansha's Nation exploratory force in TR07-S. Sansha's Nation forces, commanded by Frazier Eachann, attempted to establish a foothold in the area using a Mobile Starbase structure as a forward base. Their forces consisted of 3 Revelation-class Dreadnoughts and 24 Nightmare-class Battleships. These ships moved into TR07-S and proceeded to deploy an Starbase near a moon in the system. They were met on the [...]

          BWCT device construction nearing completion

          • YC108-01-19

            Claiming to have finally acquired all the needed parts for his mind control project, Dr. Albert Vance was seen yesterday in the Saila system. Despite intense verbal opposition from members of the Caldari Navy Independent Reserve intending to detain and escort him to CAIN's HQ in Isaziwa, Dr. Vance was able to purchase yet another batch of electronic parts from local pod-pilots, claiming those were enough to finish the "second fully functioning prototype of my 'Brain Wave Control Technology'". He [...]

            St. Tetrimon Edict lifted – Order allowed to return to Amarr Empire

            • YC108-01-18

              Yesterday, Tuzilo Zhada, Head of Archiving for the Theology Council, delivered a report to the Privy Council, regarding the so-called "Tetrimon Scriptures." The report states that several books in the Tetrimon Scriptures are authentic, although the publication did not mention which chapters these were. The Scriptures were given to the Theology Council little over a year ago by the Order of St. Tetrimon, who claim the current Scriptures, that dictate so much of the Empire’s social structures, were [...]

              Albert Vance Resurfaces

              • YC108-01-13

                Last night, after over a month in hiding, renegade scientists Albert Vance and Vic Stats resurfaced in Caldari space to gather supplies and equipment necessary to the reconstruction and further development of their failed mind control device. The fugitive pair appeared in the Isaziwa system of the Imurukka constellation, The Citadel region, where they were spotted in open communications channels by local pod pilots. Vance began broadcasting over the systems local channel, claiming that he knew why the [...]

                Rumours circulate over Caldari trade hub commodities buy up

                • YC108-01-03

                  Well known traders have responded sceptical regarding the rumours of a possible large scale buy up of goods in the Caldari territories by the Galactic Trading and Logistics Corporation. The rumours, which centre on the notoriously busy trade systems of Jita and Nonni have sparked considerable interest and conjecture from local vendors as to the source of the rumours as well as the contents and purpose of such an unusually large buy up. A trader responded that it is impossible to predict sales on [...]