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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Head of Parliament: Covered Khumaaks a mainstay

  • YC106-04-30

    Head of Minmatar Republic Parliament Malaetu Shakor in an interview last night stated that the Khumaak, an ornamental weapon worn at diplomatic gatherings by Matari dignitaries and fleet officers but restricted from view at certain functions due to recently-passed legislation, had gone from being fairly commonplace to being almost mandatory. Shakor, interviewed by the Defiant Descendants’ Society, an organization of Minmatars afflicted by an eye disease causing blindness early in life (a condition [...]

    CONCORD statistics bureau logs leaked

    • YC106-04-28

      Many feel that the laws of the market rule our universe. Billions of isk exchange hands every day, and certainly not all of it is seen in the empire-sanctioned marketplaces. Grey areas exist between empires, in lawless space, and increasingly in a black market that runs both on escrow bonds and in the space station hangars of pilots. In the world of isk, reputation is everything. Unfortunately, space is so big, and the traders so many that it is neigh impossible to keep track of seedy businessmen and [...]

      Kador ups the ante in cathedral debate – Amarr pilot community says no to tourists

      • YC106-04-28

        Uriam Kador, head of the Kador family, has intensified the ongoing debate surrounding Catiz Tash-Murkon's acquisition of the Tal-Romon Cathedral on Eclipticum by questioning the heir status of the Tash-Murkon family. The Tash-Murkons replaced the Khanid family when the latter broke from the Empire following Heideran's election as emperor. The nomination came as a surprise to most, not the least because the Tash-Murkons were Udorians, and thus not of pure Amarrian ancestry. Heideran ruffled a few [...]

        Catiz Tash-Murkon sparks controversy over cathedral renovation plan

        • YC106-04-26

          Harsh words have been exchanged between the Kador family and the Tash-Murkon family regarding the latter’s plans to turn a religious site into a tourist attraction. Catiz Tash-Murkon recently bought the now infamous cathedral on Eclipticum, the site of the sordid incident involving Articio Kor-Azor. The cathedral has been closed since the incident and in need of repairs and renovations. None has been willing to take up this burden until Catiz stepped in. Catiz plans to fund the extensive repairs [...]

          Amarr government seeks extradition of UDI operative

          • YC106-04-21

            Kador Region - The Amarr Civic Court today requested that Ni-Kunni Goran Mitelek, the UDI operative captured by Gallente police forces in a skirmish in Sinq Laison last week, be extradited to the Amarr government. Mitelek, an electronic warfare specialist and reputed former Angel Cartel member, is reportedly wanted for a long list of crimes against the Empire, among them the supplying of arms and explosives to "anti-government revolutionaries" and participation in "numerous operations detrimental to [...]

            Caldari armament industry accused of warmongering

            • YC106-04-20

              High-ranking CONCORD officials have accused several prominent Caldari weapon manufacturers of promoting war and violence in many parts of the world. The Caldari armament industry has in recent years increasingly turned its eyes outside the State to do business, as the domestic market dwindles. Though most of these exports go to legitimate sources it is estimated that as much as 20% ends up in the hands of the less scrupulous social elements. CONCORD has many times in the past issued stern warnings to [...]

              Caldari armament industry bemoans further cuts in military spending

              • YC106-04-18

                The Caldari State has revealed that the budget for the Caldari Navy will be slashed for the 10th consecutive year. A high-ranking official was quoted as saying: “The war with the Federation is long since over and in our estimate there is no imminent threat on the horizon. Besides, our annual spending for CONCORD forces has been on the rise, which counterbalances the cuts for the Navy. We are confident that despite these cuts our Navy will still be more than capable of performing its duty 100%.” The [...]

                Senators' folly a warning to those engaged in chip craze

                • YC106-04-13

                  Gallentean Senator Cedriq Tyrion made a fool of himself yesterday, as well as making a mockery of the Federal Senate, when he held a speech supposed to be on this years budget while being implanted with a mind-altering Transcranial Microcontroller. The Senator might have gotten away with this severe breach of etiquette if it wasn't for the fact that he was under the illusion that he was a young girl dancing barefoot through the meadows on his home planet. Naturally, this affected his speech somewhat. [...]

                  Dark Amarr rifts chip deal with Ishukone

                  • YC106-04-11

                    In the wake of rising prices for the Transcranial Microcontrollers due to increased demand from the Gallente Federation, the Dark Amarrians have decided to rift the deal they made with the Ishukone Corporation, the manufacturers of the chips. A spokesman from the Khanid Kingdom explained that the price of the chips was now so high that it counteracted the benefits the chips provided in economical terms. The kingdom thus saw no reason to continue buying them. The spokesman said that those chips already [...]

                    Gallente President addresses nation – UDI operative confirmed captured

                    • YC106-04-09

                      Souro Foiritan, President of the Gallente Federation, last Thursday delivered a sixty-five minute address to his nation. Calling for heightened awareness of current issues, the President extolled the virtues of free speech and individual liberty while denouncing acts of terror by those who seek to destroy those very virtues. “Our hard-fought freedoms can not, and will not, be stamped out by the iron boot of tyranny. Whatever the cost, this we must fight for,” said the President. He then went on to [...]

                      Transcranial Chip price rises as Federation demand increases

                      • YC106-04-07

                        The price of the highly controversial Transcranial Microcontrollers has risen considerably in the last few days as demand increases from a surprising source - the Gallente Federation. The chips, manufactured by the Caldari Ishukone Corporation, have until now mainly been in demand in the Khanid Kingdom, where they are used to pacify slaves. But the chips can be programmed in various ways, as the idle rich within the Federation have found out. The chips have become a huge fad amongst the social elite [...]

                        UDI operative captured – Foiritan to make public address

                        • YC106-04-06

                          Yesterday evening Federal Intelligence Office agents acting under cover of disguise are reported to have captured an operative of the UDI somewhere in the Sinq Laison region. Federation officials have been unavailable for comment on the matter, but a FIO spokesman told reporters earlier today that the investigation was “making steady progress,” declining to comment further on the matter. Infrequent skirmishes are reported to have taken place in the Sinq Laison region recently between agents of [...]

                          Minor Skirmish on the Khanid Border

                          • YC106-04-02

                            Concord conflict-nets, the monitoring networks tasked with assigning security hits to perpetrators of interstellar violence, recorded a small but curious skirmish on the border between the Khanid and Amarr empires. The skirmish is notable not for its size, but for the circumstances of the engagement and the vessels involved. At approximately 18:23 Eve Standard time, a small task-force of Brutor Tribe Stabber cruisers and Breacher frigates crossed into the Amarr Empire, evading military checkpoints and [...]

                            Federation seeks answers to terrorist atrocity – entertainment industry a shambles

                            • YC106-04-01

                              This morning President Souro Foiritan of the Gallente Federation, in closed session with the Federal Security Council, ordered a special investigative task force assembled. The task force, which will reportedly consist of the Federation’s top law enforcement and intelligence agents, has been given the assigment of tracking down and bringing to justice the people behind the UDI (United Against Decadence and Impurity), the mysterious splinter faction which has claimed responsibility for the attack [...]