Transcranial Chip price rises as Federation demand increases

New Eden News | YC106-04-07

The price of the highly controversial Transcranial Microcontrollers has risen considerably in the last few days as demand increases from a surprising source - the Gallente Federation. The chips, manufactured by the Caldari Ishukone Corporation, have until now mainly been in demand in the Khanid Kingdom, where they are used to pacify slaves. But the chips can be programmed in various ways, as the idle rich within the Federation have found out. The chips have become a huge fad amongst the social elite and 'chip parties' are the newest rave, where people randomly draw a chip from a bowl as they enter. Of course, the chips are programmed differently than those used by the Dark Amarr, usually involving a fetish of some sort, lurid fantasies and id alterations.

In addition, reports indicate that some Gallenteans are now using the chips to slightly alter their perception of themselves, making them think they are younger, more attractive or more popular than they really are. Though many frown upon this practice, psychiatrists say this helps people deal with self-esteem issues, a rampant problem in a society that values youth and beauty above everything else.