Senators' folly a warning to those engaged in chip craze

New Eden News | YC106-04-13

Gallentean Senator Cedriq Tyrion made a fool of himself yesterday, as well as making a mockery of the Federal Senate, when he held a speech supposed to be on this years budget while being implanted with a mind-altering Transcranial Microcontroller. The Senator might have gotten away with this severe breach of etiquette if it wasn't for the fact that he was under the illusion that he was a young girl dancing barefoot through the meadows on his home planet. Naturally, this affected his speech somewhat. It was later revealed that Senator Tyrion, longing to relive the easygoing life of his youth and the long lost innocence he had once known, had bought a custom made chip that he seemingly forgot to remove before entering the Senate session. The scandal has already seen the end of the Senator's political career and he might even face criminal prosecution for bringing the Senate into disrepute.

Many suspect this disgraceful incident will have some ripple effect against the now infamous chips, bolstering the strength of those that oppose its use. Yet it remains to be seen what avenues, if any, the government will pursuit to restrain their use, as censorship is something the Gallenteans are loath to employ. In the meantime, the chip rave continues unabated, spurring a debate that touches the very core of the Federation; that of personal freedom versus social sheltering. No expert knowledge is required to predict that this debate is only just beginning.