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Corporations to sign sponsorship deals with candidates

  • YC106-10-25

    In the true spirit of lobbyism, the prolific pilot corporations can now sign up as supporters for one of the candidates competing for the presidency of the Federation. This will open up a formal path for them to follow later on, where the pilot corporations will compete amongst each other to become official sponsors of their chosen candidate. Apart from the rewards reaped for this, the victorious corporations will get to nominate one of their own to become an Emissary for the candidate in one of the [...]

    Presidential campaign heats up as candidates clash.

    • YC106-10-22

      Even this early in the campaign for the Federation presidency it is becoming evident that this will be anything but a quiet campaign fought on issues alone. Already the candidates are getting their smear machines into gear, ready to throw every bit of dirt at each other that they manage to dig up or fabricate. The negative image this generates is already spreading to the supporters and culminated last night when opposing groups clashed at a mud wrestle match, fittingly enough. Political pundits are [...]

      Theology Council to Lift Suppression Edict for Tetrimon Case

      • YC106-10-20

        In a surprising turn of events, the Theology Council has stated that it is officially investigating the veracity of the claims made by the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Suppression Edict is being lifted for a period of two months to allow the Tetrimon Order to prepare its case and bring all relevant evidence before the Council. Deacon Azir of the Theology Council has said, "It's put up or shut up time for the Tetrimon. Either they support their words with facts, or they will be declared heretics. Either [...]

        Presidential candidates to seek support from corporations

        • YC106-10-19

          Three candidates have emerged as forerunners in the upcoming presidential elections in the Federation. The three all have sizeable backing within the Federation, guaranteeing them a place on the ballot. Souro Foiritan has been working diligently to become the candidate for the Progressive Party and his official nomination is now merely a formality. Mentas Blaque has already been named the candidate for the Sociocrats. The third candidate is the eminent humanitarian Eman Autrech, who’s liberal agenda [...]

          Presidential elections to be held! Senate votes Foiritan out!

          • YC106-10-14

            The Federation Senate voted this morning on whether president Foiritan was to hold his office or be booted out. Almost 80% of the Senators voted for Foiritan to be stripped of office, much more than the two thirds needed. This means that presidential elections will be held next December, where the public get their say on whether Foiritan is fit to continue as president or if he should leave the political arena for good. The Federation has been in an uproar over the last days following Foiritan’s [...]

            Caldari State Issues Statement of Condemnation On Curse Alliance Response

            • YC106-10-12

              Kisiras Haakenen, Caldari Executive Panel Director of Public Relations, at a press conference yesterday evening let fall harsh words regarding the Curse Alliance and its response following the much-publicized COLOSSUS Qualifier incident the week before last, where a racer from a corporation flying under the CA banner pod-killed two of her fellow contestants before the race's scheduled start, despite explicit warning from race organizers. "The Curse Alliance has made no bones about its response to the [...]

              Senate to hold a vote of no confidence on the president!

              • YC106-10-11

                Sensational news from the Federation Senate yet again, as Mentas Blaque has managed to have the Senate hold a vote of no confidence on president Foiritan. The vote is scheduled for later this week and if it passes then Foiritan will be forced out of office and presidential elections held at the earliest opportunity. As two thirds of the Senators need to vote against the president, Foiritan still has some hope of passing this unscathed. Indeed, if he does so he will emerge stronger for having fended of [...]

                Senate repercussions anticipated in the wake of election results

                • YC106-10-07

                  This week has seen several stormy sessions in the Federation Senate, where the Sociocrats, egged on by their leader Mentas Blaque, take turns blasting Foiritan and his comrades in the Senate. Blaque is sensing the faltering resolve of many Senators hitherto considered staunch supporters of the president. It is widely known Foiritan applied extreme pressure on several Senators in an attempt to get his referendum on constitutional changes pushed through the Senate awhile ago. Now the time of reckoning [...]

                  Results just in for elections. Foiritan prevails!

                  • YC106-10-04

                    Official results have finally been announced in the Federation elections that ended yesterday. President Foiritan's controversial referendum on constitutional changes was accepted by the people, despite continuous unofficial polls claiming otherwise. A spokesman for the president spoke briefly to the press a few moments ago, saying that the president was relieved and very grateful to the citizens of the Federation for their support. The spokesman said the president had gone on a much needed vacation [...]

                    Is Foiritan losing it? Federation leaders on edge.

                    • YC106-10-02

                      As the elections in the Federation draw to a close, rumors from inside the presidential palace in Caille describe president Foiritan as being unusually irritable and edgy when outside the public spotlight. It’s said that Foiritan’s foul temper has brought some of his aides to tears, while the staff of the palace are keeping their head low to escape being the brunt of one of his irrational tantrums. If true, this strongly indicates that Foiritan is feeling the pressure as wave after wave of unofficial [...]