New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Caldari Police forces in Crielere are currently under investigation after serious accusations.

  • YC105-07-28

    Caldari police forces in the system have been accused of shooting at, and even destroying the ships of innocent spacefarers, near the Crielere jumpgates. Police officials say that this was done to ensure the safety of the new research center in the system. They claim that they are holding secret information, proving beyond doubt, an imminent, serious threat to the invaluable research center. They furthermore claim that they are in full right to deal with such situations in every way the police deems [...]

    Docks at Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School Station being investigated after a tragic accident.

    • YC105-07-28

      An accident has been reported at the docks in the giant space harbour of Ryddinjorn. A Minmatar Cruiser of the Stabber type is said to have exploded inside the station while undocking. All crewmembers were instantly killed. It is still being investigated what caused the accident, but our sources claim that there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. While the incident is being investigated, the safety of undocking ships is being ensured and the docks are being repaired, no ships are [...]

      Ships stranded at MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 - ArchAngels Assembly Plant.

      • YC105-07-28

        The docks at MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 - ArchAngels Assembly Plant have had some problems with the gravity-generating mechanism recently. The situation got out of control earlier today when the system failed as a cargo of livestock was being unloaded leaving the poor animals floating helplessly in zero gravity. Docking operators are working on removing the animals from the facilities and ships will be unable to undock until the job is done. Pilots are advised to stay away from MN5N-X VII - Moon 5 until the [...]

        The State and Federation open new research center

        • YC105-07-24

          The Gallente Federation and the Caldari State today released a joint statement declaring that the research center in Crielere, jointly built by the two empires, has now been completed. The new research center is expected to spearhead research activities for both the Gallenteans and the Caldari. Scientists from both the empires have hailed the news and are very optimistic it will pioneer many exciting new technologies in the near future. The opening is also seen as a breakthrough operation in bringing [...]

          Emperor Heideran receives the Aidonis Statue.

          • YC105-07-24

            In a surprise statement released today, the Aidonis Foundation has revealed the next receiver of the coveted Aidonis Statue. The Statue is rewarded annually to those that have contributed greatly to inter-stellar peace and improved empire relations. This is the first time the Statue is awarded to a national leader still in power, but most political analysts agree that Heideran more than deserves the award, as he is without doubt the main reason for the thaw in relations between the empires in recent [...]

            The Planck theory strikes again! This time in container tech.

            • YC105-07-24

              Yet another usage of the age-old Planck theory has been discovered, this time in the field of cargo container technology. Advancements in Planck bubble generation technologies made by researchers at Duvolle Laboratories have allowed for the creation of containers that have higher capacity than volume. The scientists were searching for ways to utilize the Planck theory in the lucrative dieting market by creating a new girder that would hide excess fat. Although still unsuccesful in this lofty pursuit [...]

              CONCORD deplores increase in slave trade

              • YC105-07-23

                CONCORD has released a harsh statement warning against slave trade. The statement is in response to persistent rumors that slaves are becoming increasingly popular as forced labor throughout the world of EVE. CONCORD wants to remind people that slave trade is strictly forbidden everywhere except within Amarr borders and that there are harsh penalties for engaging in human trade. CONCORD ships, and other police forces, may shoot on sight anyone carrying slaves. The Minmatar Republic has also released a [...]

                Caldari official denounces vandalism at research project site

                • YC105-07-21

                  For the first time a Caldari official has given a public indication for the role of the research project site, that seems to be a joint operation by the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State. In a statement released today by the head of operation for the State, Yaku Makinonu, he said the research facilities being constructed in the Crielere system where for the 'future good of all space farers' and that any new technologies discovered at the site would benefit everyone. Bearing this in mind [...]

                  Ameinaka IX - Moon 21 - Six Kin Development Warehouse station closed for repair.

                  • YC105-07-20

                    A series of explosions has forced station owners to shut down the docking facilities at the Ameinaka IX - Moon 21 - Six Kin Development Warehouse station. It's generally believed that the damage was caused by a meteor and repairs are underway. Pilots are asked not to attempt docking there until further notice, as the docking facilites are now running on emergency power and can not support sensors or communication systems.

                    More details uncovered on secret research pact

                    • YC105-07-18

                      The rumors regarding the research pact between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State have now been substantiated, though the nature of the research still remains unclear. Inside sources have revealed that the two empires have earmarked a secret location somewhere in the Lolbrerie constellation to be the site of their research project. Military forces from both sides are gathering in the constellation and freighters carrying heavy loads of construction material have been ordered over there. The [...]

                      Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory welcomes careful pilots!

                      • YC105-07-17

                        The docks at Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory docks have been cleaned up and are open for business.

                        Rumors abound on a secret research pact

                        • YC105-07-17

                          Unidentified sources within the Gallente Federation have indicated that negotiations for a major research pact between the Federation and the Caldari State are underway. Nothing has been confirmed, but it is understood that delegates from both sides have been meeting in a secret location, surrounded by heavy police presence to keep curious travelers at bay. If true, this will be a momentous event in our collective history and perhaps the clearest indicator yet of how much the Gallente-Caldari [...]

                          Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory docks trashed!

                          • YC105-07-16

                            Earlier today an overloaded transport vessel bumped into some vital components of the outer docking mechanism at Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory station. Damages to the docks were fortunately minimal but the ships hull was severely damaged causing a massive spill of the cargo of garbage. Cleaning is under way but until all the mess has been cleared up pilots are advised to stay clear of Raneilles VI - Moon 14 - Core Complexion Inc. Factory station or risk being stuck there for [...]

                            Gehi IX - Moon 4 and Mora VI - Moon 4 stations clear for docking.

                            • YC105-07-15

                              Operators of the docking facilities at Mora VI - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory and Gehi IX - Moon 4 Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant have ended their strike after intense negotiations with station owners. "They showed us that they have real understanding of what it means to support a drone on minimum wage", one worker observed.

                              Ships docked at Gehi IX - Moon 4 and Mora VI - Moon 4 stations unable to undock.

                              • YC105-07-14

                                Operators of the docking facilities at Mora VI - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory and Gehi IX - Moon 4 Royal Khanid Navy Assembly Plant have gone on strike to underline their wishes for a better dental plan and longer holidays. The stand-in operators, just out of school, are having some trouble in their duties resulting in ships being unable to undock. Travellers are advised not to dock at Gehi or Mora if they can avoid it until the issue has been resolved.

                                Corruption within Concord?

                                • YC105-07-13

                                  The empires have launched a major investigation into the behavior of Concord agents, after it was revealed that contracts had not been fulfilled and many of their clients left without promised gains or in some cases, with actual losses. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the Concord administration and high level agents have already been suspended pending an investigation. No official statements have been issued as of yet, but a high ranking Concord official has stated off-record that "...the [...]

                                  Attention travellers!

                                  • YC105-07-11

                                    Reports are coming in about some jumpgates being unstable and going offline at times leaving travellers stranded in the systems. Systems most affected at this time seem to be Eletta and Yoma. Travellers are advised to avoid those systems if possible or risk being stuck there for some time while engineers make repairs.

                                    Leases universally cancelled on inactive production and research slots.

                                    • YC105-07-03

                                      In an emergency meeting convened at the Secure Commerce Committee's Headquarters today, committee delegates from each of the empires have agreed that all publicly rented manufacturing and research slots in stations that come under SCC legislation (effectively, most of the stations in the known universe) will have their leases cancelled if it is found that the facilities are not being put to use during the rental period. The stated purpose for this new agreement is "to further encourage the growth of [...]

                                      Malfunction in the Secure Commerce Committee's centralized billing system corrected.

                                      • YC105-07-03

                                        This just in from the Galactic News Network: Shortly after noon GMT (Galactic Median Time) today, system administrators doing routine maintenance work at the Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center in Averon discovered a serious malfunction in the Secure Commerce Committee's centralized billing system. The source of the malfunction is unknown at this time, but its effects were described by SCC spokesman Jeroku Haldarius as a "significant setback, one which we will be working hard to correct." [...]

                                        New Superhighway system up and running!

                                        • YC105-07-03

                                          Under the leadership of CONCORD a new superhighway system has been constructed to link distant parts of the empires together. The hub of the new highway system is in the Yulai system, the location of the CONCORD Headquarters. From there space travelers are in easy reach of every empire region in just 2 or 3 jumps. All systems that are part of the highway network have a beefed-up security, so using the highway network offers a secure and comfortable way to travel. The superhighway network grid is still [...]