The State and Federation open new research center

New Eden News | YC105-07-24

The Gallente Federation and the Caldari State today released a joint statement declaring that the research center in Crielere, jointly built by the two empires, has now been completed. The new research center is expected to spearhead research activities for both the Gallenteans and the Caldari. Scientists from both the empires have hailed the news and are very optimistic it will pioneer many exciting new technologies in the near future. The opening is also seen as a breakthrough operation in bringing the former nemesis states back together. Officials in Crielere have also expressed their great joy of being able to activate the center so soon despite several setbacks. They admitted they had anticipated the construction to take longer, but said they were happy to be proven wrong. The record construction time surely testifies to the great construction techniques these two empires command and clearly indicates the great benefits that co-operation can bring.