Caldari official denounces vandalism at research project site

New Eden News | YC105-07-21

For the first time a Caldari official has given a public indication for the role of the research project site, that seems to be a joint operation by the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State. In a statement released today by the head of operation for the State, Yaku Makinonu, he said the research facilities being constructed in the Crielere system where for the 'future good of all space farers' and that any new technologies discovered at the site would benefit everyone. Bearing this in mind Makinonu deplores the poor behavior of many space farers in the vicinity and said these individuals were delaying the completion of the site with their barbaric acts of vandalism. In the spirit of trust and friendship the site had been left open to everyone, but if the vandalism persisted, access to the Crielere system might be restricted with unforeseeable consequences regarding the free distribution of new technologies. He begs these individuals to cease and desist immediately and asks for the help of honest space farers in ensuring the safety of the research facilities.