The Planck theory strikes again! This time in container tech.

New Eden News | YC105-07-24

Yet another usage of the age-old Planck theory has been discovered, this time in the field of cargo container technology. Advancements in Planck bubble generation technologies made by researchers at Duvolle Laboratories have allowed for the creation of containers that have higher capacity than volume. The scientists were searching for ways to utilize the Planck theory in the lucrative dieting market by creating a new girder that would hide excess fat. Although still unsuccesful in this lofty pursuit the new container technology is a happy side-effect that all space farers are sure to appreaciate. The new technology has already spread to every corner of the world. As a result, all containers can now contain 20% more than the space they occupy. The Planck bubble generator is a delecate equipment and has the added restriction over the old containers of not being able to stack. It is impossible to place a Planck bubble generator within another bubble, as that would cause a violent shifting graviton chain reaction, with a catastrophic breakdown of causality.