Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Sansha Incursion Defeated: Nation Supercarrier Destroyed

  • YC113-01-31

    <img src='' width='280' height='50' /> Colelie, Sinq Laison - In the early hours of 28.01.113, Sansha forces were defeated by a mixed fleet of at least 100 capsuleers and a Nation supercarrier was destroyed. This was despite the efforts of Nation loyalists who attempted to defend the Sansha forces by activating smartbombs against the attacking pilots. Sansha forces were first seen in the Parchanier system in the Algintal constellation. Once word of [...]

    Pilots to Gather in Honour of Departing Capsuleer

    • YC113-01-29

      PATOR - A gathering on the evening of 1.30.113 has been scheduled to honour Poreuomai, a pilot that served as a faithful representative of the ideals held by the Minmatar Republic. Poreuomai was considered by many to be a cornerstone of the Minmatar capsuleer ​community and will be missed by capsuleers throughout New Eden. Ugleb of Sarz'na Kumatari is leading the efforts to gather capsuleers wishing to pay their respects to Poreuomai, who will be departing the capsuleer community permanently as he [...]

      The Northern & Deklein Coalitions invade 6VDT-H

      • YC113-01-28

        Forces from the Northern Coalition (NC) and Deklein Coalition (DC) have invaded the Solar System 6VDT-H within the region of Fountain. IT Alliance, sovereignty holders of 6VDT-H, came under attack from Northern Coalition and Deklein Coalition forces on 27.01.113 with the system’s combined population reaching up to 850 pilots. Station ‘GVD RKK LITE WAS HERE’ owned by Tin Foil Corp, member of IT Alliance, came under fire from hostile forces and was placed into ‘reinforced’ mode at 19:37 New Eden Time. [...]

        Eve University Deploys New Recruitment Policies

        • YC113-01-26

          Aldrat, Metropolis - Eve University [E-UNI] has put into place a new recruitment system ​which they hope will allow them to process applications in a much more timely fashion. E-UNI has received more applications per week than they ever have in recent months, with waiting times for applicants rising from "3-5 days to 4 weeks and over" for the month of December alone. Darian Reymont, Director of Personnel for E-UNI, admitted that the "old system simply wasn't designed to cope with current demand", and [...]

          Wildly Inappropriate Harvest Aunenen and Defend System

          • YC113-01-26

            Wildly Inappropriate continue to fend off small attacks on the low security system of Aunenen (0.4), of which they are currently residents. New Eden capsuleers who choose to enter the solar system have suffered great losses at the hands of Wildly Inappropriate, whose occupancy for financial purposes continues. Fo Shizz, Fleet Commander and Chief Operating Officer for Quiet.Storm, a member of Wildly Inappropriate, explains the financial benefits of Aunenen, "We are doing this [occupancy of system] [...]

            Militia Control Tower Attacked As Front for Piracy

            • YC113-01-23

              Amamake, Heimatar – A control tower in Amamake belonging to The Candy Van corporation came under attack from 14 - 15.01.113 by Concordokken. alliance and Electus Matari amidst allegations that The Candy Van is a front for Heretic Army's industrial operations. Heretic Army, meanwhile, has alleged that the alliances involved in the attack were engaging in piracy and claim that The Candy Van is an innocent member of the militia under their protection. Tactically, the incident was fairly straight-forward. [...]

              Sansha’s Nation Invasion of Tama Underway

              • YC113-01-20

                Sansha’s Nation forces have begun an invasion of the Caldari State Solar System Tama. This invastion comes in Light of their previous hostile appearance within the Solar System Ashab within Amarrian Territory. The invasion began at 22:00, with a mere 20 residents in the system being caught by surprise. New Eden capsuleers are converging on the solar system in an effort to either support the Sansha forces by defending their fleet or by beginning an offensive on all Sansha’s Nation vessels and [...]

                Trade Hub Continues to Grow for Intaki Liberation Front

                • YC113-01-20

                  Intaki, Placid - The Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] are celebrating six months of a so far successful 5-5 trade hub in Intaki, which has seen them so far raise 15 billion ISK in sales of ships and items. Apollonius Verus, ILF Director of Non-Combat Operations, seemed particularly happy that not only can capusleers purchase any type of small or medium tech 1 ship but they can also outfit it with tech 1 or tech 2 gear, "all without having to leave the Intaki system". Maintaining such a trade hub has not [...]

                  Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                  • YC113-01-20

                    Y112.12.01 - Y113.01.13 The most visible event for many this period has been the assault launched on the IT Alliance-controlled region of Fountain. This is being headed up by the Goonswarm Federation and Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) alliance, with many other allied groups taking part. Two stations within the region have fallen to the attacking force thus far, in PNQY-Y and 9R4-EF. The assault has seen the fiercest fighting in the region since IT Alliance ousted Pandemic Legion from it last year. [...]

                    BREAKING NEWS: Sansha forces in Ashab

                    • YC113-01-19

                      ASHAB 1 - Just moments ago, Sansha forces attacked in the Domain region. Amarrian capsuleers engaged and were succesful in pushing the Sansha forces back, but not without casualties. Early reports even suggest that some capsuleers may have even fired upon each other rather than deal with the Sansha forces in the system. Early reports also suggest that the Sansha forces were able to bypass jamming systems by entering through wormholes. The Interstellar Correspondents will be following up with a full [...]

                      Against ALL Authorities and Allies Retaking Former Territory In Catch

                      • YC113-01-19

                        HY-RWO, Catch - In the early hours of 15.01.113, The Initiative. [INIT.] alliance lost sovereignty of HY-RWO and GJ0-OJ solar systems to Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.], former sovereignty holders in the region. The so-called Stain Coalition, which comprises, among others, Against ALL Authorities, C0VEN, En Garde and ROMANIAN-LEGION is now engaged in sustained fighting in Catch against The Initiative. and their subsidiary alliances, Initiative Associates and Initiative Mercenaries. In the last week, [...]

                        Capsuleer to Sacrifice Chimera in Celebration

                        • YC113-01-17

                          Teshkat, Tash Murkon - To celebrate six years of blogging, Kirith Kodachi is hosting a special event in the Teshkat solar system in the Tash Murkon Region. Kirith Kodachi explains, “I'll warp to a celestial (no station or gate) in Teshkat and tell everyone in local and the Ninveah channel where I am. Then they can come to shoot or support me. I will fight back but will not warp away for 30 minutes.” The Prize list for the event consists of a 'grand prize' awarded for the final blow on the Chimera [...]

                          Imperial Renegades - A Heathen Legion

                          • YC113-01-14

                            Amarr, Domain - Heathen Legion corporation, the membership of which is composed entirely of "renegade" Amarr, joined the anti-slavery alliance Ushra'Khan on 24.10.112. This article gives an overview of this somewhat unusual organization. Kazzzi, CEO of Heathen Legion, described his corporation. “Heathen Legion joined Ushra'Khan and is composed entirely of Amarrian renegades and former Imperial loyalists who have turned "traitor," kind of like reverse Ammatars.” The aim of Heathen Legion in the words [...]

                            Amarr Loyalists Hold Summit at Malkalen Disaster Site

                            • YC113-01-13

                              Malkalen, Lonetrek - Amarrian loyalists travelled from Domain to Lonetrek on 08.01.113 to pay their respects to those affected by the Malkalen Incident. Over 70 pilots from organizations such as PIE Inc., House Kyriel Inc, The Volition Cult and CVA gathered in Amarr then journeyed to Malkalen to meet with Ishuuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED], a Caldari loyalist alliance friendly to the Amarr loyalist bloc, at the former Ishukone Headquarters: Malkalen V, Moon I. During the summit, a ceremony was [...]

                              Caldari And Gallente Militia Clash For Tama

                              • YC113-01-12

                                Tama, The Citadel - On the 06.01.113, forces from the Gallente Federal Defence Union [FDU] and the Caldari State Protectorate [STPRO] militias clashed in Tama in a battle that lasted over 3 hours. Approximately 60 ships from the FDU managed to hold the field against roughly 90 STPRO vessels (over the course of the lengthy fight) by keeping mobile and fighting at long range, where the Caldari could not bring their full firepower to bear. The Caldari militia watched for moments when the FDU were near [...]

                                Minmatar Militia Deploys Supercarriers in Battle

                                • YC113-01-07

                                  Auga, Heimatar - Minmatar and Amarr capsuleer miltia forces clashed in Auga on the 29th of last month, with two Nyx supercarriers being deployed in the low security border system by the Matari. Amarrian forces rallied a capital fleet of four Archon-class carriers to take on the opposing Minmatar forces and dispatched it to Auga where they focused their attention on the Minmatar support fleet. According to Saaya Illirie, member of the Amarrian fleet, "Amarrian carriers went into triage, and the [...]

                                  Territorial Shifts as the New Year Begins

                                  • YC113-01-07

                                    Yulai, Genesis - As New Eden enters the year 113, there have been minor shifts in the balance of power in null security space. From 01 - 02.01.113, Rebel Alliance of New Eden [RANE] and Majesta Empire [ME] are recorded as having the largest territorial gains. RANE has gained three systems in Wicked Creek - 30-YOU, 4F89-U and J7-BDX - after Marine Holdings, formerly of Jagged Alliance, joined RANE. ME, meanwhile, resecured two systems in Vale of The Silent - KX-2UI and MO-FIF - after The Praxis [...]

                                    New Year Markets to be Held in Rens, Dodixie and Amarr

                                    • YC113-01-03

                                      Amarr Prime, Domain - To celebrate the start of year 113, capsuleers have been invited to give and trade away unwanted items at New Year Markets to be hosted by CCP Zymurgist. CCP Zymurgist hosted a 'Swap Meet' last year which apparently saw very little trouble; pirates appeared to prefer to attend the event than ambush those on their way to it, but nonetheless, pilots are advised to move any large quantities of goods in advance and to exercise all normal precautions. New Year Markets will take place [...]

                                      Heavy Titan Losses in Venal Battle

                                      • YC113-01-02

                                        Y-W1Q3, Venal - A large battle between Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition on 30.12.112 resulted in the destruction of an estimated 9 super-capital vessels. Sources attributed the recent increase in tension between Pandemic Legion and their former allies in the Northern Coalition to the expansion of Pandemic Legion's moon-mining operations in Venal, where they hold a number of highly valuable Technetium moons. At least 126 super-capitals (titans and super-carriers) are recorded as having been [...]

                                        Freighter Loss Included Over 2 Billion ISK in Alcohol

                                        • YC113-01-02

                                          U54-1L, Vale of the Silent - R.A.G.E alliance engaged and killed an Inver Brass freighter and its escort on the 27.12.112 as it passed through Northern Coalition-controlled space. The freighter contained exotic dancers, tobacco and alcohol intended as an eccentric gift for captains fighting on the northern front. The mixed-alliance freighter convoy was first engaged in NCGR-Q by a fleet of over 250 ships from Majesta Empire, R.A.G.E., Stella Polaris and other Northern Coalition alliances, which was [...]