Freighter Loss Included Over 2 Billion ISK in Alcohol

U54-1L, Vale of the Silent - R.A.G.E alliance engaged and killed an Inver Brass freighter and its escort on the 27.12.112 as it passed through Northern Coalition-controlled space. The freighter contained exotic dancers, tobacco and alcohol intended as an eccentric gift for captains fighting on the northern front.

The mixed-alliance freighter convoy was first engaged in NCGR-Q by a fleet of over 250 ships from Majesta Empire, R.A.G.E., Stella Polaris and other Northern Coalition alliances, which was returning home after an engagement nearby. The escort was caught while split - some of the ships were already in warp - and a large portion of the contingent was wiped out, leaving less than 30 of the original 80 - 90 ships, but the Charon freighter managed to escape into U54-1L. The NC fleet pursued and the Inver Brass freighter and its escort were finally destroyed.

The total ISK loss of the freighter and its contents totalled at just over 2.8 billion ISK, with exotic dancers costing 59 million ISK, tobacco worth 8 million ISK, and spirits worth just over two billion ISK.

Czech Lion, one of the escort pilots, said that the freighter was a new addition to a roaming fleet his community holds periodically - their "8th gank night" - and that the expedition ended in high spirits, although they were dismayed that so many supplies were destroyed in the freighter's explosion.

One NC pilot, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they were pleasantly surprised by the contents of the Inver Brass freighter, which they had previously speculated was shipping materiel for the start of a sovereignty war, but that he was too hungover to comment further and wanted to go back to bed.

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