Capsuleer to Sacrifice Chimera in Celebration

Teshkat, Tash Murkon - To celebrate six years of blogging, Kirith Kodachi is hosting a special event in the Teshkat solar system in the Tash Murkon Region.

Kirith Kodachi explains, “I'll warp to a celestial (no station or gate) in Teshkat and tell everyone in local and the Ninveah channel where I am. Then they can come to shoot or support me. I will fight back but will not warp away for 30 minutes.”

The Prize list for the event consists of a 'grand prize' awarded for the final blow on the Chimera carrier, the capsuleer who does so wins an Imperial Navy Armageddon battleship. A Guristas faction Gila Cruiser will be awarded to the capsuleer doing the most damage to the Chimera. An Imperial Navy Slicer frigate will be awarded to the capsuleer who issues the final blow on Kirith Kodachi’s pod.

Kirith also added an additional prize to encourage defence of the Chimera; “there will be a pirate faction cruiser prize for getting on the most killmails during the event. This is to help encourage pilots to defend me if the system gets really busy.”

The event will take place on Jan 18th, at 02:00.

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