Wildly Inappropriate Harvest Aunenen and Defend System

Wildly Inappropriate continue to fend off small attacks on the low security system of Aunenen (0.4), of which they are currently residents.

Wildly Inappropriate POS within AunenenNew Eden capsuleers who choose to enter the solar system have suffered great losses at the hands of Wildly Inappropriate, whose occupancy for financial purposes continues.

Fo Shizz, Fleet Commander and Chief Operating Officer for Quiet.Storm, a member of Wildly Inappropriate, explains the financial benefits of Aunenen, "We are doing this [occupancy of system] simply to fund our titan without taxing our members, we make about 3-5 [billion ISK] a week here. Believe it or not, we make more ISK here than ratting."

However Wildly Inappropriate's presence within Aunenen has not gone unnoticed, as Fo Shizz explains, "PL uses a covert cyno to gank one or two of us, but no significant damage has been done, the rest of the local anti pirates have met our capitals and were sent home accordingly."

SYLIBRA, a member of PL explained their reasons for interfering in operations, "Our intention was to bait their supercap fleet in and then decimate it, thereby boosting our flagging morale after our horrific losses in venal."

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