Heavy Titan Losses in Venal Battle

Y-W1Q3, Venal - A large battle between Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition on 30.12.112 resulted in the destruction of an estimated 9 super-capital vessels.

Sources attributed the recent increase in tension between Pandemic Legion and their former allies in the Northern Coalition to the expansion of Pandemic Legion's moon-mining operations in Venal, where they hold a number of highly valuable Technetium moons.

At least 126 super-capitals (titans and super-carriers) are recorded as having been fielded (57 from Pandemic Legion and 69 belonging to Northern Coalition alliances and allies) with estimates putting roughly a thousand pilots on the field of battle during the four-hour engagement.

The Northern Coalition fleet was over twice the size of that fielded by Pandemic Legion and received reinforcements as the fight went on, enabling them to inflict rapid and heavy damage on the Pandemic Legion super-capital forces, downing six titans and one super-carrier while losing only two of their own titans.

Northern Coalition forces held the field following the clash with Pandemic Legion, which saw over 100 super-capital vessels fielded and 8 titan deaths in Venal.

GalNet References

Public battle record

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