Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Corpse Collecting Hobby Given New Life

  • YC112-07-28

    Yulai, Genesis - Following on from our recent story about el caido and his attempt to collect one million corpses, Macabre Devil has come forward to explain why he also enjoys collecting corpses. Macabre started his collection as he thought it would be something different. "I was making quite a bit of ISK and was trying to think of something to spend it on. The thought crossed my mind that collecting corpses could be something unique." Macabre explained that he is willing to pay a lot more ISK on each [...]

    Former Corporations of Ushra'Khan Regroup in Circle-Of-Two

    • YC112-07-28

      4B-NQN, Providence - For the first time since Ushra'Khan was disbanded by Tarac Nor, the former capsuleers of Ushra'Khan [UNITY] have spoken about their feelings towards him and what they plan for the immediate future. Rye Contini, UNITY Council member and fleet commander for the former corporations of UNITY, explained why Tarac's action didn't particularly bother him. "We've still got all our stuff, the wallet is fine, the pilots are happy, we [just] need to retake our system." The corporations that [...]

      BREAKING NEWS: Heavy Spatial Distortion Interrupts Fight in C-J6MT

      • YC112-07-27

        C-J6MT, Insmother - At 23:40 of 112.07.26, the violent clashes between WHITE NOISE., ATLAS and allies came to an abrupt halt after severe spatial distortions appeared on the battlefield. According to pilots flying in the area, the severe disturbance rendered it impossible to coordinate fleets during the fight. As a result, the fight between ATLAS, Against All Authorities and their allies battling against White Noise, Red Alliance, XiX and Pandemic Legion, was interrupted. About 20 supercapital vessels [...]


        • YC112-07-26

          C-J6MT, Insmother - At 10:36 112.07.26, reports of violent clashes between WHITE NOISE. and ATLAS alliance have been received from the C-J6MT solar system. Informations flowing from the region indicate at least 1100 pilots from both alliances have joined the fray. Several pilots reported ATLAS forces entering C-J6MT through the use of a cynosural field. Several titans and a fleet comprised of about twenty other supercapital vessels have been reported entering the area. Fleets have been sighted [...]

          BREAKING NEWS: RAZOR Alliance Fight in Providence

          • YC112-07-26

            9UY4-H, Providence: RAZOR Alliance have moments ago fought a battle against alliances such as The Initiative and Important Internet Spaceship League. As the sovereignty of the system, currently belonging to Ushra'Khan, comes under threat, a fight broke out in the system before RAZOR Alliance retreated. It is believed that in attempt to support Ushra'Khan, residents of Providence including the Important Internet Spaceship League were laying siege to the system when a fleet of RAZOR Alliance capsuleers [...]

            Mercenary Corporation Denies Being Paid One Billion ISK to Attack Minmatar Militia

            • YC112-07-24

              Auga, Heimatar - According to Tribal Liberation Front corporation, Hoplite Brigade, former Mercenary Coalition corporation Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams [FRICKS] were hired to declare war on prominent Minmatar Militia corporations. Core Impulse deny the allegation. According to duct tayp, a capsuleer of Hoplite Brigade [HPLT] and a member of the Minmatar Republic, FRICKS were paid one billion ISK by Core Impulse [CORIM] to help in the faction warfare. He said, "From what I understand, Core Impulse [...]

              BREAKING NEWS: Tarac Nor Reveals Reasons Behind Ushra'Khan Betrayal

              • YC112-07-24

                4B-NQN, Providence - Tarac Nor has spoken for the first time since he was named as the capsuleer behind the Ushra'Khan [UNITY] disbanding. Speaking exclusively to the Intersteller Correspondents, Tarac Nor stated: "Right now, Ushra'Khan is under new management." With members of UNITY accusing him of doing it for ISK, Tarac suggested there were other reasons: "The ISK was a big motivation, but I can't say it was the only motive... I was getting bored with the alliance. Very few were active in the [...]

                BREAKING NEWS: Ushra'Khan Alliance Disbanded

                • YC112-07-24

                  4B-NQN, Providence - A few hours ago, Ushra'Khan [UNITY] lost sovereignty over three systems after corporations were unexpectedly removed from the alliance, it is thought, by a Hydra Reloaded [HYDRA] spy. In Catch, JWZ2-V, formerly held by Endless Possibilities Inc and UQ-PWD, which was controlled by The Resident Haunting, were both lost, while in Providence, Universal Army's removal cost Ushra'Khan control of 4B-NQN. All told, 15 corporations were removed from Ushra'Khan, with only Unity Holdings and [...]

                  HYDRA RELOADED Invasion of Providence Imminent

                  • YC112-07-24

                    Jita, The Forge - An invasion of Providence by HYDRA RELOADED [HYDRA] is expected soon. Johan Moisander, diplomat for HYDRA revealed the scope of the planned attack: "Which system we attack first is irrelevant to be honest. We're going to attack all of Ushra'Khan's systems at the same time." HYDRA began as enemies of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] in their birthplace of Providence. With Providence now in hostile hands, HYDRA finds itself allied with CVA in order to take back what they feel is [...]

                    Capsuleer Sets Out to Collect One Million Corpses

                    • YC112-07-24

                      A capsuleer with a morbid obsession is now offering to pay for the one million corpses he intends to collect. el caido, who himself describes it as "a crazy idea", is asking for capsuleers to send him corpses via contract. He will pay ten thousand ISK for each corpse. To date, he has bought forty-eight corpses at a cost of 480.000 ISK. When asked why he was collecting corpses, el caido said, "I do not have a genuine answer. So many capsuleers have so many odd hobbies - this one is mine." Once he has [...]

                      Intaki Liberation Front Declare Trade Hub a Success

                      • YC112-07-20

                        Intaki, Placid - In what they hope will help them to achieve their long-term goal of an independent Intaki State, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] have succeeded in raising what they believe to be billions of ISK in the system. Nine months on from the completion of an upgrade to their Prosperity station, the ILF have attempted to create a "one-stop shop" for small and medium ships in the Placid region, with the hope of also being able to offer every type of hull, rig and item a capsuleer may wish [...]

                        Largest Hulkageddon To Date Concludes

                        • YC112-07-19

                          Brapelille, Sinq Liason - The Hulkageddon event, organized by Helicity Boson of the Jerk Cartel, recently returned for its third incarnation as "Hulkageddon III: Summer of Gank." The event began on 09.07.112 at 00:00 and carried on for 9 days. Although set up in the same format as the previous two events, with prizes for various permutations of killing a large number of exhumers - chiefly Hulks and Mackinaws - this year the event was politicised by a prize contributed by elements of the Minmitar [...]

                          A Month After War’s End, Providence Still Risky For Neutral Pilots

                          • YC112-07-15

                            9UY4-H, Providence - On 112.06.09, Ushra'Khan announced the end of Burn Providence campaign and a return to Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) rules of engagement. Since the end of the conflict between Against All Authorities and CVA, the region is far from attracting the levels of unaffiliated pilots and their accompanying trade that it did previously. While CVA's enforcement of NRDS in the region was done out of a wish to extend Imperial law with the intent of eventually handing the region over to the Amarr [...]