BREAKING NEWS: RAZOR Alliance Fight in Providence

9UY4-H, Providence: RAZOR Alliance have moments ago fought a battle against alliances such as The Initiative and Important Internet Spaceship League.

Pilot Taking DamageAs the sovereignty of the system, currently belonging to Ushra'Khan, comes under threat, a fight broke out in the system before RAZOR Alliance retreated.

It is believed that in attempt to support Ushra'Khan, residents of Providence including the Important Internet Spaceship League were laying siege to the system when a fleet of RAZOR Alliance capsuleers engaged them. As battle broke out, a fleet belonging to The Initiative turned up and engaged RAZOR Alliance.

Luwc, A capsuleer in the Important Internet Spaceship League explained the situation: "We had the system locked down... and actually felt pretty safe with 250 [capsuleers] so we didn't expect a much smaller razor fleet to attack us."

As Ushra'Khan systems remain uncertain territory, it is yet to be seen which alliances will take full advantage of the situation.

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