Corpse Collecting Hobby Given New Life

Yulai, Genesis - Following on from our recent story about el caido and his attempt to collect one million corpses, Macabre Devil has come forward to explain why he also enjoys collecting corpses.

Macabre started his collection as he thought it would be something different. "I was making quite a bit of ISK and was trying to think of something to spend it on. The thought crossed my mind that collecting corpses could be something unique."

Macabre explained that he is willing to pay a lot more ISK on each corpse than el caido currently offers. Whereas el caido currently pays 10,000 ISK per corpse, Macabre Devil offers 500,000 ISK for male corpses and 1,000,000 ISK for each female corpse. According to Macabre, female corpses are much rarer than male ones as female capsuleers are less common than their male compatriots.

Macabre Devil states he currently has two to three thousand corpses, with roughy only a quarter of them being female. With no target in mind of how many he will collect, Macabre said "I just wish to keep collecting them as long as I have the ISK. I do intend to catolog whose corpses I have eventually as well."

With this being the second article in a short space of time regarding the strange hobby, Macabre expressed his understanding of the feelings other capsuleers may have towards it. "They might be taken aback at first, and make jokes about what I keep them for, but I generally think it is just [a] different way to spend one's ISK. Particularly if they have some corpses as well and didn't know what to do with them."

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