C-J6MT, Insmother - At 10:36 112.07.26, reports of violent clashes between WHITE NOISE. and ATLAS alliance have been received from the C-J6MT solar system.

Informations flowing from the region indicate at least 1100 pilots from both alliances have joined the fray.

Several pilots reported ATLAS forces entering C-J6MT through the use of a cynosural field. Several titans and a fleet comprised of about twenty other supercapital vessels have been reported entering the area.

Fleets have been sighted engaging at the 88A-RA gate in C-J6MT. Heavy spatial distortions are affecting both sides and it is unclear which alliance is prevailing on the battleground at this time.

According to WHITE NOISE. representatives, military operations started 24 hours ago and assets belonging to ATLAS and allies have been attacked in a bid to draw them into war.

Interstellar Correspondents will monitor the ongoing battle and report as more news becomes available.

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