Former Corporations of Ushra'Khan Regroup in Circle-Of-Two

4B-NQN, Providence - For the first time since Ushra'Khan was disbanded by Tarac Nor, the former capsuleers of Ushra'Khan [UNITY] have spoken about their feelings towards him and what they plan for the immediate future.

Rye Contini, UNITY Council member and fleet commander for the former corporations of UNITY, explained why Tarac's action didn't particularly bother him. "We've still got all our stuff, the wallet is fine, the pilots are happy, we [just] need to retake our system."

The corporations that were expelled from Ushra'Khan have regrouped in the alliance of Circle-Of-Two along with pilots from their former executor corporation, which Tarac Nor took over when he seized control of the old alliance.

Emrys Ap'Morgravaine, diplomat for the former UNITY corporations revealed his belief that despite them having problems, it won't be permanent. "We, the former corporations of Ushra'Khan, are still very much the alliance at heart, with all the fire and vigour we are reknowned for."

Rye Contini went on to express the belief that Tarac never even recieved the ISK he was rumoured to be offered to him by Hydra Reloaded. Speaking of Tarac's actions and comments so far, Rye said: "[It's] childish to be honest, sounds like he has too much sugar and at the same time doesn't appear to get what Ushra'Khan is about... we're a really tight knit community."

When asked whether they have had communication with Tarac Nor, Emrys said: "He has, thus far, continued to remain silent, whether that is due to guilt over his actions, or fear of ridicule, only he can say. I would hope guilt though, the kind of guilt that will see him driven to some sort of penance."

With support from Circle-Of-Two, there is belief among its former members that Ushra'Khan can bounce back, and with that in mind, they have already began the process of picking a name for the new alliance they will create. They are keeping the chosen name a secret but those discarded so far have included; Season of the Fist, Minmatar Liberation Front, Rusted Trust, and Lilan'Khan (named for a prominent member of The Littlest Hobos [WEDIE], one of UNITY's former corporations) with the ticker of WEMAD.

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