Intaki Liberation Front Declare Trade Hub a Success

Intaki, Placid - In what they hope will help them to achieve their long-term goal of an independent Intaki State, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] have succeeded in raising what they believe to be billions of ISK in the system.

Nine months on from the completion of an upgrade to their Prosperity station, the ILF have attempted to create a "one-stop shop" for small and medium ships in the Placid region, with the hope of also being able to offer every type of hull, rig and item a capsuleer may wish for.

Apollonius Verus, spokesperson for ILF listed their recent sales in the Intaki 5-5 trade hub and what they have on offer. "[Between] June 7th [and] July 6th, we sold 168 ship hulls. This included 22 battlecruisers, 30 cruisers, 14 destroyers, 72 frigates, 22 shuttles, 7 mining barges, and 1 industrial. We currently have 24 battlecruisers, 97 cruisers, 49 destroyers, 360 frigates, 110 shuttles, 11 mining barges, and 18 industrials for sale on the Intaki market. All ships were produced locally at our Prosperity Station shipyards."

Apollonius said "Many of the profits are re-invested back into our factories and labs for ongoing research and manufacturing that keeps the Intaki trade hub supplied with goods. Another portion of the profits goes toward our anti-pirate... activities. Two examples of this are the ILF's Ship Replacement Program and our Anti-Pirate Bounty Program."

These ILF programmes replacing every hull up to tech 1 battlecruisers lost by an ILF member in action against pirates and a 10 million ISK bounty for every pirate capsuleer destroyed within four jumps of Intaki.

The ILF believe that they already offer the highest level of trade activity in low-sec Placid and Apollonius described his organization's future plans in the area. "I next envision us competing even more aggressively with Stacmon V-9 and Orvolle I, the high-sec Placid trade hubs. We already beat the prices of one or the other hub on many ships and items. We also plan to expand into T2 ship production and sales. Who really knows how far we can take it?"

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