A Month After War’s End, Providence Still Risky For Neutral Pilots

9UY4-H, Providence - On 112.06.09, Ushra'Khan announced the end of Burn Providence campaign and a return to Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) rules of engagement.

Since the end of the conflict between Against All Authorities and CVA, the region is far from attracting the levels of unaffiliated pilots and their accompanying trade that it did previously. While CVA's enforcement of NRDS in the region was done out of a wish to extend Imperial law with the intent of eventually handing the region over to the Amarr Empire, the new residents of Providence rule their space in their names and in pursuit of their own ideologies, which vary from one alliance to the next.

9UY4-H's StationAccording to Forlorn Wongraven of Ushra'Khan, a few neutral corporations and alliances are still present in the region. He explained that while an NRDS ROE allows neutral capsuleers to kill Sansha ships and mine without hostility from Ushra'Khan pilots, those rules apply only to Ushra'Khan pilots.

Many other spaceholders in the region are still strictly NBSI and Ushra'Khan have stated that they will not seek to enforce their own ROE upon their neighbours nor act as "space police" on wanderers' behalves.

According to some of Providence's new inhabitants, conflict, albeit on a smaller scale than the past war, is still rife in Providence. "We have seen neutrals pass here many times. They do not seek ISK here however, all neutrals that pass are here to fight," said Michal Kaczev of Sodalitas XX alliance.

Michal Kaczev explained that current NRDS rules of engagement are not dictated but rather suggested by Ushra'Khan to their allies. He emphasised that Sodalitas XX follows NBSI policies and any neutral found by its pilots is promptly dispatched.

Providence Diplomatic Contacts

With sovereignty costs greatly increased since the region was first conquered by Amarrian holders, the space in Providence is divided between 20 different alliances, each with their own diplomats and rules of engagement. Travelling far into the region inevitably requires pilots to pass through systems held by NBSI-alliances, so communication and political nouse is essential for those wishing to operate in the area.

Some possible routes for diplomatic contact with spaceholders in the region are given below, but please be aware that the availability and workloads of such individuals varies. If you are aware of any updates, corrections or omissions to this list, please do contact the Interstellar Correspondents through the link at the foot of this article.

  • Agony Empire - Christina Bamar
  • Apocalypse Now. - Sirfur
  • Atlas Alliance - Jula Fo'machid or Kerdrak
  • Chaos Theory Alliance - Augustus Napalm, Xsrender or Firey Wynter
  • Circle-Of-Two - sivonya, Ikolo, gigx or emennt
  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance - join the channel "cva-diplo"
  • Daisho Syndicate - Desas or Ketch Kan
  • Dara Cothrom - Lexic Aver or Tor Manx
  • Flying Dangerous - Crusher Deac
  • Imperial Order - Frumentaril
  • Important Internet Spaceship League - Washout
  • LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM - join the channel "Legio-Diplo"
  • Lucky Starbase Syndicate - Susto Asos, James Bussoletti or F12ozen
  • Noir. Mercenary Group - Alekseyev Karrde
  • Shock an Awe - Ked Yates
  • Sodalitas XX - Orree, Cochise or Koth Fluff
  • The Final Stand. - join the channel "TFS Pub"
  • The Star Fraction - Jade Constantine, The Cosmopolite, Saul Dhampir, Svanjabi Xiang, Yvonne Pyros or Claire XXX
  • Ushra'Khan - join the channel "Ushra'Khan Voices"

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Providence Sovereignty Map

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