Capsuleer Sets Out to Collect One Million Corpses

A capsuleer with a morbid obsession is now offering to pay for the one million corpses he intends to collect.

el caido, who himself describes it as "a crazy idea", is asking for capsuleers to send him corpses via contract. He will pay ten thousand ISK for each corpse. To date, he has bought forty-eight corpses at a cost of 480.000 ISK.

When asked why he was collecting corpses, el caido said, "I do not have a genuine answer. So many capsuleers have so many odd hobbies - this one is mine." Once he has attained his goal he hopes to be able to move them all to one "classified" location.

el caido began collecting corpses about four years ago. When asked what he will do when he reaches his one million target, he said, "It is something I can say I have accomplished, and then I will move onto other ventures, or even possibly continue building my collection beyond that. Two million may be a tempting target once I reach one million."

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