Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Alleged 14 Billion ISK in Blueprints Lost in Suicide Attack

  • YC112-04-30

    Hek, Metropolis - Last month, a suicide attack by Cal 7 of 0utbreak destroyed an Iteron carrying a large quantity of blueprints belonging to Stokar of Caprica Corp. Stokar estimated the value of the blueprints at 14 billion ISK, while Cal 7 stated that they were mostly BPCs worth just over a billion ISK. Stokar, CEO of Caprica Corp and member of the Ihatalo Cartel Navy alliance, was piloting an Iteron-class hauler through the Hek system when Cal 7 from Outbreak corporation launched a suicide attack [...]

    Northern and Southern Coalitions Battle Over Jumpbridge Tower

    • YC112-04-28

      NCGR-Q, Vale of the Silent - Earlier today the Southern Coalition [SC] successfully destroyed a Northern Coalition [NC] starbase, diplomatic sources confirmed. The tower served as a jumpbridge for Northern Coalition fleets, but the NC were able to inflict heavy losses on the attacking forces. In the early hours of this morning, an estimated 130 pilots from Southern Coalition alliances including ATLAS, IT, Gentlemen's Club and Against All Authorities, jumped into the system and began their attack on a [...]

      Thanatos Carrier Taken Down By Combat Students

      • YC112-04-26

        6-CZ49, Syndicate - On 112.04.18, a Thanatos-class carrier flown by ZarnieWoop of Huzzah Federation was destroyed by an Agony Unleashed basic combat class. Agony Unleashed has been offering combat training to capsuleers since 110, with courses comprising pre-class reading, then a theory lecture followed by a fleet exercise escorted by an instructor. On the 18th, the class fleet (which mostly comprised frigates) engaged a large gatecamp at Reblier gate in 6C-Z49. While the battle was in progress, a [...]

        RF Freight Service Awards 30 Day PLEX to every 5000th Customer

        • YC112-04-26

          The owner of a capsuleer freight service has begun rewarding customers with the chance to win a 30-Day Pilot's License Extension (PLEX). The PLEX is awarded to every 5,000th customer that charters a freight delivery. RF Freight service is operated by Locin WeEda, the CEO of Red Frog Investments. Operating since 110, RF Freight's management said "We wanted to thank our customers for all the business they have given us." To do so, RF Freight began issuing a PLEX to the 5,000th customer that contracted [...]

          Peace Talks End First Dispute Among New Providence Residents

          • YC112-04-20

            KPB7-G, Providence - The first recorded diplomatic incident among Providence's new residents was sparked on the 12.04.112 when a Daisho Syndicate fleet engaged and destroyed a Myrmidon belonging to claire xxx of Star Fraction. Despite allegations of slavery and implications of territorial enclosurism being levelled against Daisho Syndicate on the Intergalactic Summit and claire xxx herself being accused of espionage against Daisho, talks between the two alliances led to the reassertion of mutual blue [...]

            CVA and Allies Vow to Continue Fighting in Providence As Last Stations Fall

            • YC112-04-18

              Providence, New Eden - Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] has lost territorial control a considerable portion of Providence, including all the station systems they previously held. According to the reports coming from the region, Against All Authorities [-A-], Ushra'Khan and their allies have been making significant pushes to remove CVA sovereignty key systems, with CVA losing 13 stations in the last three days. "I think it is fair to say that yes CVA and many of its Providence holders are losing this [...]

              T.R.I.A.D. Mission Agency Expands into Militia Warfare

              • YC112-04-13

                Teonusude, Molden Heath - The pro-Minmatar T.R.I.A.D. corporation's mission agency, which first opened in 108, has expanded its offerings to include multi-pilot combat "campaigns" in the areas contested between the Minmatar and Amarr capsuleer militias. Det Resprox, CEO of T.R.I.A.D, described his operation: "T.R.I.A.D is offering missions to all members of all corps, in particular the Minmatar militia as an alternative way of gaining loyalty points, ISK and items for killing the Amarr." The agency [...]

                Corporation Helps Alliance To Recover From Wormhole Loss

                • YC112-04-13

                  Jita, The Forge - Earlier this month, an industrial corporation offered shelter to a small alliance after it had been driven off from the wormhole it occupied. The kindness of the corporation is allowing the alliance to rebuild itself, demonstrating that alliances are not always stronger than a single corporation. At the time it was attacked, the Spartan Alliance counted more than 50 capsuleers and 6 corporation. During the fray, the alliance lost 3 carriers, an orca, a support fleet comprised of [...]

                  Providence Resettlement Continues

                  • YC112-04-11

                    Shintaht, Providence - The resettlement of Providence being lead by Against All Authorities [AAA] has continued over the past two weeks with roughly a dozen systems changing sovereignty from the Providence Holders to several new small alliances entering the region. Manfred Sideous of AAA commented on his Alliance's previously announced plans for the region, stating that "this has been an ongoing campaign where we are removing Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and most of the holders from [...]

                    Subwarp Racing Venture Holds Public Event

                    • YC112-04-10

                      Juunigaishi, The Citadel - on Saturday, April 10, Subwarp Racing Venture will be holding a public event which will include lessons, races and flying formation displays. Capsuleers can attend the event free of charge and can use their fleet finder to join the correct fleet at the race track. A program of events is available for spectators with more details on the event. Erik Finnegan, a member of the flight display team, explained that there will be lessons on how to effectively pilot your vessel, a [...]

                      Consortium. Alliance Coup Used to Evacuate Assets

                      • YC112-04-05

                        5C-RPA, Insmother - Following the recent loss of a Consortium. alliance freighter containing a Minmatar Service Outpost Platform, details have emerged of an internal conflict between founding corporations and other members of the alliance. Previously, current Consortium. Alliance leader Shmak DatAsh claimed that his fellow alliance leader attempted to seize control of the alliance after the loss. "[R0ck Muncher] saw this as an opportunity to take over and attempted to, but failed... I considered R0ck [...]