Peace Talks End First Dispute Among New Providence Residents

KPB7-G, Providence - The first recorded diplomatic incident among Providence's new residents was sparked on the 12.04.112 when a Daisho Syndicate fleet engaged and destroyed a Myrmidon belonging to claire xxx of Star Fraction. Despite allegations of slavery and implications of territorial enclosurism being levelled against Daisho Syndicate on the Intergalactic Summit and claire xxx herself being accused of espionage against Daisho, talks between the two alliances led to the reassertion of mutual blue standings.

Daisho Syndicate is a 490-member alliance that currently holds the four systems in XV7L-S constellation that were formerly held by Sev3rance (as well as two separate systems elsewhere in Providence). Like the vast majority of null-sec organizations, Daisho Syndicate practice an NBSI policy ("Not Blue, Shoot It") which means unknown vessels passing through their space are viable targets.

Star Fraction were involved in the Providence conquest through their recent campaign against Sev3rance and alliance with Ushra'Khan. As a "freespace" organization, Star Fraction oppose the restriction of access to space and pursue an NRDS ("Not Red, Don't Shoot") policy, which means only organizations with whom they have a direct grievance are valid targets. They currently hold sovereignty over one system in Providence.

Issues between the two alliances began when a Daisho Syndicate fleet demanded a Star Fraction pilot, claire xxx, leave B-WPLZ solar system. When she refused to leave, they destroyed her vessel.

claire xxx's Myrmidon loss sparked hostilities Svenjabi Xiang of Star Fraction, explained that his alliance and Daisho Syndacate had established a mutual non-aggression pact which, he claimed, Daisho violated by the attack on claire xxx. "[They were] making false accusations against that pilot for scouting for an entity Daisho saw as neutral... Our policy of not reporting the movements of those entities we consider non-hostile, which Daisho was at the time, is also a long-standing policy."

Ajax Marlowe of Daisho Syndicate had a different view on the events. He stated that his alliance was fighting a hostile incursion by a Cry Havoc gang and claimed his alliance had evidence of Star Fraction pilots passing information to their enemy. "[Star Fraction's] pilots, claire xxx in particular, were seen lurking around our fleet on several occasions... Seeing that claire refused to leave our space, XLost ordered the fleet to destroy her ship."

Claire xxx acknowledged that she had been asked to leave by Daisho's Fleet Commander, but said that she politely refused, underlining the agreement between Daisho and SF that permitted free transit through the system. XLost issued the order to open fire when claire xxx declined to leave.

The situation escalated when Daisho pilots made remarks in local that suggested they held slaves under inhumane conditions, while Daisho pilots claimed to have records of claire xxx passing intel to the Cry Havoc gang. This last claim is adamantly denied by claire xxx and certainly, no logs to this effect have ever been publically released. Meanwhile, the allegations of slavery have been dismissed by Daisho leadership, who have stated that their pilots were simply joking. At the time, however, the two organizations established mutual kill-on-sight standings and fighting began.

Despite the ongoing affray between the two entities, diplomatic communications continued. At 03:00 on 17.04.112, a new treaty between the two alliances was ratified which restored the pact on free transit and agreed restrictions on bounty hunting and resource exploitation in certain areas.

Jade Constantine, the executor of Star Fraction, stated "Diplomacy and respectful persuasion has made progress here alongside action in space and clash of fleets, and the first significant difference in opinion in system usage in the 'New Providence' has been resolved by direct negotiation between involved parties without external interference."

The armed conflict between Daisho Syndicate and Star Fraction ended with the restoration of a cluster-wide non-aggression pact between the two alliances despite one pursuing an NBSI policy and the other advocating free access to space. While seemingly incompatible, future relationships between the two alliances will depend on exactly how these policies are implemented.

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IGS Allegations of Slavery Against Daisho Syndicate & Espionage Allegations Against Claire XXX

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