RF Freight Service Awards 30 Day PLEX to every 5000th Customer

The owner of a capsuleer freight service has begun rewarding customers with the chance to win a 30-Day Pilot's License Extension (PLEX). The PLEX is awarded to every 5,000th customer that charters a freight delivery.

RF Freight service is operated by Locin WeEda, the CEO of Red Frog Investments. Operating since 110, RF Freight's management said "We wanted to thank our customers for all the business they have given us." To do so, RF Freight began issuing a PLEX to the 5,000th customer that contracted their service. The first PLEX was issued in 11.111 to Kitaro Phoenix and the second was issued last month to Kara Roideater. Both recipients were unaware of the existance of the prize, and Kitaro had this to say about it: "Honestly the existence of the prize does not really impact my decision regarding freighter services. RF are very reasonably priced, provide sufficient collateral (a must with suicide gank risk) and are easy to use."

RF Freight have a maximum load value of 1 billion ISK per freighter run, which enables them to avoid significant losses - the capped cargo value means that suicide attacks are unlikely to make any profit from surviving cargo over the cost of ships lost in the attempt.

With a staff of around 30 freighter pilots, RF Freight moves 50-80 loads per day. Even with the PLEX prize only awarded to every 5,000th customer, Locin stated that "With the current rates, it may happen 4 times this year."

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