Alleged 14 Billion ISK in Blueprints Lost in Suicide Attack

Hek, Metropolis - Last month, a suicide attack by Cal 7 of 0utbreak destroyed an Iteron carrying a large quantity of blueprints belonging to Stokar of Caprica Corp. Stokar estimated the value of the blueprints at 14 billion ISK, while Cal 7 stated that they were mostly BPCs worth just over a billion ISK.

Stokar, victim of the suicide gankStokar, CEO of Caprica Corp and member of the Ihatalo Cartel Navy alliance, was piloting an Iteron-class hauler through the Hek system when Cal 7 from Outbreak corporation launched a suicide attack from his Brutix-class battlecruiser.

Cal 7's vessel was fitted with close-range Heavy Neutron Blaster IIs and opened fire at point-blank range where it was easily capable of doing enough damage to cripple the Iteron before CONCORD could destroy the Brutix in retaliation.

The hauler, carrying a considerable quantity of blueprints, including a few tech 2 blueprint copies, was destroyed in a matter of seconds. Most of the cargo, however, survived the explosion and was scooped from the wreck by Cal 7's wingman.

Stokar evaluated the loss in blueprints being around 14 billion ISK. "About 80% of them were original," he said. While attacks on ships moving valuable cargo are not uncommon in New Eden, such expensive losses are unusual, particularly in a high security systems.

In contrast, Cal 7 claims that most of the recovered blueprints were copies, not originals and estimated their total value at 1.2 billion ISK. He declined to release further information about the attack, however.

When moving low-volume, high-value cargoes, many capsuleers recommend having a wingmate scout ahead for possible suicide camps, and using an agility-fitted, warp core-stabilised Interceptor or Covert Ops vessel.

In the wake of the blueprint losses, Stokar expressed a desire to retire from capsuleer life. "I have decided that it's time to leave. I got a chance to feel like being on top of a world, and being in the deepest, darkest point in hell, I walk away, and I will not be returning."

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