CVA and Allies Vow to Continue Fighting in Providence As Last Stations Fall

Providence, New Eden - Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] has lost territorial control a considerable portion of Providence, including all the station systems they previously held.

According to the reports coming from the region, Against All Authorities [-A-], Ushra'Khan and their allies have been making significant pushes to remove CVA sovereignty key systems, with CVA losing 13 stations in the last three days.

"I think it is fair to say that yes CVA and many of its Providence holders are losing this war. It is however far from over," said Grr of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, adding that the war is being fought on Curatores Veritatis' terms, using small and mobile gangs that hit where and when they can do most damage.

"They wont die for having lost their space. Much in the same way that [Ushra'Khan] survived being removed from Providence, I imagine CVA will regroup and... we expect to see them harassing our space very soon," echoed Sapphrine of Ushra'Khan.

Randall Alba, head diplomat of Paxton Federation confirmed that his alliance is currently making efforts to render his enemy's newly acquired stations unusable. "One of our fleets has recently returned fron knocking out the services on one of these stations... The D-G station has been virtually unusable since it's capture and many hostiles have been killed in unfitted ships because of the lack of operational station facilities."

At the same time, diplomatic sources in Against All Authorities have predicted that CVA's plan might attempt to weaken Providence's new sovereigns through the use of heavy gangs and guerrilla actions.

"The campaign is about to reach a transition phase... There's a lot of moving and thus the space isn't filled with organized battlles... Once the new alliances have moved in, new battles should pop back up," said Arhc, who flies under Against All Authorities' flag.

Reports indicate that Against All Authorities are installing a number of small alliances in the region. Arhc explained that Providence's new inhabitants will not pay rent and will defend their newly gained sovereignty using their own military power, with Ushra'Khan and Against All Authorities only intervening at need.

Ivan Zhuk, President of Tread alliance, said he was saddened that the "Not Red Don't Shoot" engagement rule will not survive in the region. Gangleri, CEO of Amarr loyalists, 1st Praetorian Guard, agreed, stating "Providence was a more civil place than many low-sec systems in our Empire... [those] days are over with -A- and Ushra'Khan bringing war and terrorist acts. No neutral pilot following the law can expect any protection from them."

According to Against All Authorities and Ushra'Khan diplomats, the forces that presently occupy Providence are there to stay for a long time. Grr, however, claims CVA are far from finished in the region. "CVA and it's allies might have our stations transferred to a new owner and our name taken off the map but we will never be removed from our home... Whoever moves to this now burning warzone will never be safe."

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