Thanatos Carrier Taken Down By Combat Students

6-CZ49, Syndicate - On 112.04.18, a Thanatos-class carrier flown by ZarnieWoop of Huzzah Federation was destroyed by an Agony Unleashed basic combat class.

Agony Unleashed has been offering combat training to capsuleers since 110, with courses comprising pre-class reading, then a theory lecture followed by a fleet exercise escorted by an instructor. On the 18th, the class fleet (which mostly comprised frigates) engaged a large gatecamp at Reblier gate in 6C-Z49. While the battle was in progress, a Thanatos belonging to ZarnieWhoop of Huzzah Federation jumped into the system and joined the fray.

ZarnieWoop said there were reports of 80 frigates moving in the direction of Reblier gate, where his corporation had a gatecamp of, he estimated, half a dozen ships.

"I stripped out all my fighter drones knowing full well the likely outcome and made sure I had no faction mods fitted... I jumped in once all the [frigates] had arrived at the gate and started repping a friendly [dominix]."

Olozim, who was commanding Agony Unleashed's fleet, explained there were three battlecruisers and a Dominix at the Reblier gate in 6-CZ49. "While the three battlecruisers were going down, the Dominix, which was on the far side of the gate... lit a cyno field and a Thanatos appeared."

Olozim ordered the fleet to tackle the Thanatos and Dominix; the carrier engaged Triage mode - increasing the speed and efficiency of its remote repair modules, but crippling its own ability to defend itself or escape - and started repairing the Dominix.

The carrier withstood the incoming fire for some time but finally succumbed just as ships arrived from the Important Internet Spaceship League to reinforce Huzzah. "I was in my 4th triage cycle, so they had been shooting a while," ZarnieWoop stated.

Agony Unleashed is a combat-focused corporation which also offers combat classes as a service to the capsuleer community. It was their Basic class, which aims to give new pilots a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of combat, that attacked the Huzzah gatecamp and its supporting carrier. "The basic class was able to overcome the reps and kill the cyno Dominix without any support," FC Olozim reported. Despite his loss, ZarnieWhoop also seemed satisfied with the engagement. "The battle was excellent fun... The loss was not unexpected."

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