Corporation Helps Alliance To Recover From Wormhole Loss

Jita, The Forge - Earlier this month, an industrial corporation offered shelter to a small alliance after it had been driven off from the wormhole it occupied. The kindness of the corporation is allowing the alliance to rebuild itself, demonstrating that alliances are not always stronger than a single corporation.

At the time it was attacked, the Spartan Alliance counted more than 50 capsuleers and 6 corporation. During the fray, the alliance lost 3 carriers, an orca, a support fleet comprised of several battleships plus an unknown amount of ISK in industrial assets and it has since then dissolved.

However, reports indicate that several capsuleers who had once flown under its flag - including the former leadership - have been offered shelter by the Australian Mining and Industry Corp [DEBB] and are now in the process of recovering from the blow.

Ancient Enemy, former leader of Spartan Alliance said they were operating inside a wormhole when a connection to the Uedama system opened: "This was the home system of Project Nemesis and The Dark Horses."

Major StallionMajor Stallion of The Dark Horses lead the assault into the wormhole and gave an insight on what lead him to attack Spartan Alliance: "[they] would routinely keep their carriers out in space, inside the shields of the control towers... we decided to keep eyes in that wormhole... When I found out that we had contacts on the inside of their alliance... I jumped at the chance to have these ships stolen."

An anonymous Spartan capsuleer confirmed that a spy had infiltrated the alliance and caused havoc: "we trusted someone we should not have and our CEO's carrier got warped off from the enemy." Ultimately, The wormhole was vacated by Spartan Alliance 24 hours after the battle that saw them losing much of their fleet.

Debbie HunterAfter the fallout of the loss, the remains of Spartan Alliance had to find a suitable place to recover. The choice was made to contact Australian Mining and Industry Corp [DEBB] corporation, who had previously occupied the now lost wormhole and had moved to nullsec space since: "they invited us out to 0.0 to help recover in their space," a capsuleer from Spartan Alliance said.

Debbie Hunter of [DEBB] confirmed that they let all former Spartan members join her corporation and allowed them to setup in FX4L-2: "I like to think we can help all [capsuleers]... that's what this corporation has been doing for two years now."

According to Spartan capsuleers, Debbie's solidarity will help them recover from their losses: "we are doing well now... [we] still have to recover a good [six billions ISK] lost, but it is happening," they concluded.

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