Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Twelve Systems Captured in Providence Offensive

  • YC112-03-27

    KBP7-G, Providence - In the past few days, Against All Authorities' (commonly known as AAA) war against the Providence Holders has seen twelve systems captured from Sev3rance and Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL]. Sovereignty in the alliances' former space has passed to AAA allies Sodalitas XX, Daisho Syndicate and Ushra'Khan (often called UK). EvilPHish and Dany Danger of STEEL explained "It was expected of AAA to move swiftly and with full force. We had all systems jammed and all 307 moons occupied by [...]

    G.A.N.J.A. Continues Terrorist Activities in Minmatar Republic Space

    • YC112-03-24

      Hek, Metropolis - During recent weeks, G.A.N.J.A. corporation has escalated its terrorist campaign within Minmatar high-security space. According to G.A.N.J.A's CEO Kimberly Hughes, in the last two months the corporation has destroyed about 22 ships and collected over 900 million ISK of loot. Kimberly Hughes explained that the money raised is earmarked for efforts to swing the views of powerful political entities in their favour, and added that, in an effort to keep capsuleers away from Minmatar [...]

      Internal Conflict Strikes Caldari State Protectorate

      • YC112-03-23

        Tama,The Citadel - Multiple members of the Caldari State Protectorate have declared war on fellow Protectorate member Krieger Allianz [LYON] and its alleged sister corporations. Kreiger Allianz members refer to the situation as a "civil war within the Protectorate" while their opponents refer to it as an "internal police operation" whose aim is to "make the life of the Caldari militia more clear and safe." Lonesome Shadow of LYON states that it was the practice "no tolerance" toward militia members [...]

        Consortium. Alliance Split After Loss of Outpost Platform

        • YC112-03-21

          Pynekastoh, Black Rise - earlier this month, a Consortium. Alliance freighter, containing a Minmatar Service Outpost Platform, was destroyed by Advocated Destruction. According to ship logs, the freighter was controlled by Shmak DatAsh, leader of Consortium. Sylem, diplomat for Advocated Destruction, confirmed the vessel was defended only by a small support fleet. "We were in a small gang [when] we just happened to see the freighter warp to a gate. We then gave chase [and] finally one of our pilots [...]

          ILF Shipyard Resumes Operations

          • YC112-03-21

            Stacmon, Placid - A war earlier this year in Placid between the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] and Moira. forced the closure of the ILF shipyard "Prosperity Station" in Intaki after 4 months of operation. Following the end of this war, the ILF facility is now once again fully operational. Saxon Hawke of the ILF said "The conflict began [roughly two months ago] when Moira. CEO Julianus Soter ordered his pilot Seraphim Risen to carry out a suicide attack against one of the Intaki Liberation Front miners [...]

            Amamake Defence Force Claims Anti-Violence Agenda

            • YC112-03-19

              Amamake, Heimatar - A group of so-called vigilantes who call themselves the Amamake Defense Force or ADF have formed to attempt to enforce non-violence in Tama, Old Man's Star and Amamake. These systems are purported to be a "hot bed" of activity in inter-factional warfare. Their leader, Spectre3353, credits Helicity Boson for the idea, though many ADF pilots claim Spectre3353 undervalues his own role in their formation. The ADF plans to patrol these systems with fleets of "officers." When acts of [...]

              Space Nuns Mission of Mercy Extends to War-Torn Providence

              • YC112-03-17

                G-5EN2, Providence - Amidst the ongoing conflict over the Providence region, the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK], colloquially known as the "Space Nuns" have embarked on a mission of mercy to the area. The Space Nuns first came to the attention of New Eden when they began saving stranded passengers ejected from capsuleer vessels or left in wreckage in the Domain region. According to Sister Louella Dougans, CEO of SHOSK, they have begun operations in Providence with the intent of [...]

                Noir. Mercenary Group Merges With Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soeldner

                • YC112-03-15

                  Mesybier, Essence - Noir. Mercenary Group [NMG.] and their "largest competitor" Gemeinschaft Interstellarer Soeldner corporation [G.I.S] have merged to become, in the words of Alekseyev Karrde, alliance head of NMG., the "largest mercenary alliance in New Eden." Privateer Alliance, Karrde stated "may technically have more members", yet, he claimed "lack the coordination between member corps, damage potential and contract history of NMG." According to Karrde, the command structure within NMG. has [...]

                  Providence Holders Lose Four Systems, AAA Announces Plans For the Region

                  • YC112-03-13

                    Y-MPWL, Providence - in the ongoing conflict in the Providence region over the past two weeks the Holders lost control of four systems to Against All Authorities [AAA], Ushra'Khan [UK], Systematic-Chaos [SYS-K] and Atlas Alliance [ATLAS]. The Y-MPWL system changed sovereignty control from Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] to AAA a little more than a week ago, an anonymous source close to AAA stated that this capture was part of the new offensive in the region, "operations are solely focused on a [...]

                    The Star Fraction Celebrates 5 Years As An Alliance

                    • YC112-03-13

                      Kamela, The Bleak Lands - Last month, The Star Fraction alliance celebrated its 5th birthday by launching operation 'Black Lustrum' in Providence against Sev3rance alliance. The Star Fraction [SF] is a non-spaceholding alliance founded in mid-YC 107 to fight against "tyranny and nationalist imperialism" and to promote the concept of "Free Space." The alliance currently has more than 200 members across 8 corporations, including the original founding body, Jericho Fraction, Lyrus Associates, relative [...]

                      Morsus Mihi Lose Titan to White Noise. Alliance

                      • YC112-03-12

                        Z-GY5S, Venal - On the first of March, an Erebus class titan piloted by kn0chenk0tz3r of Morsus Mihi was destroyed by pilots of White Noise. and Legion of xXDEATHXx. According to John Caldr of White Noise. alliance, the kill was achieved by using a carrier to entice the titan pilot to pounce on a seemingly undefended prey. The trap was sprung when kn0chenk0tz3r unleashed her doomsday on the carrier. A waiting White Noise. Fleet was bridged into range and closed in for the kill. Every victory comes at [...]

                        Former Star Fraction Director Accused of Control Tower Thefts

                        • YC112-03-09

                          Kamela, The Bleak Lands - The Star Fraction has been the victim of corporate theft with two towers worth over one billion isk being stolen by former director Misan Pal'taek, now a member of Loke's Shadow (a member corporation of Rote Kapelle), and two associates. The Star Fraction member Jade Constantine described how the theft was conducted: "[Misan Pal'taek] employed two agents: the first was a tower gunner who actually did the unanchoring of our defense towers, he was named Taloc Tsukuyomi; he was [...]

                          Writing Contest Offers Rare Battleship Prizes

                          • YC112-03-09

                            Lustrevik, Heimatar - Silver Night of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, Electus Matari is sponsoring a writing contest, wherein he wants to hear pilot-authored stories of the people of New Eden. Whereas much of the news and fiction popular amongst pilots surrounds the comings and goings of the capsuleer community, this contest will judge the best story concerning the doings of any citizen other than a capsuleer. Silver Night reminded potential entrants that there is more to New Eden than spacecraft, [...]

                            Federal Defence Union Reclaims 13 Systems Including Intaki Homeworld

                            • YC112-03-02

                              Intaki, Placid - A major push by Federal Defence Union forces in the last week has resulted in 13 systems which were originally held by the Gallente Federation returning to its governance, including Intaki Prime. The 13 systems resecured by the Federal Defence Union between 21.02.112 and 27.02.112 were: Essence 08:53 27.02.112 Vifrevaert Verge Vendor 03:49 20.02.112 Jovainnon 18:50 21.02.112 Loes 04:50 22.02.112 Hevrice 00:53 26.02.112 Melmaniel 23:53 26.02.112 Muetralle Placid 18:50 22.02.112 Brarel [...]