G.A.N.J.A. Continues Terrorist Activities in Minmatar Republic Space

Hek, Metropolis - During recent weeks, G.A.N.J.A. corporation has escalated its terrorist campaign within Minmatar high-security space.

According to G.A.N.J.A's CEO Kimberly Hughes, in the last two months the corporation has destroyed about 22 ships and collected over 900 million ISK of loot.

Kimberly Hughes explained that the money raised is earmarked for efforts to swing the views of powerful political entities in their favour, and added that, in an effort to keep capsuleers away from Minmatar space, they will continue to attack anyone that poses a rich target.

In comparison to other criminal corporations active within the Minmatar Republic, G.A.N.J.A's campaign has done relatively little damage. When G.A.N.J.A declared the beginning of violent hostilities, many pro-Minmatar capsuleers commented on the very small scale of the protests. Elsebeth Rhiannon, Electus Matari diplomat and CEO of Gradient, stated at the time "More, both in isk and in tribal lives, is destroyed daily, probably hourly , by your standard pirates..." In recent weeks, Something Rotten achieved over three times as many kills in a comparable timespan to G.A.N.J.A's operation. Gentlemen's Club reported over 100 destroyed ships, including several strategic cruisers and a carrier, and over 7 billion ISK in damage in one week alone.

What separates G.A.N.J.A. from other piratical corporations is their motivation; where most criminal organizations seek fame and profit, G.A.N.J.A. seeks, they claim, justice and redemption. G.A.N.J.A.'s military effort allegedly seeks to avenge Ammatar farmers killed during The Elder Invasion of YC110. In the attack, the livelihoods of many farmers were allegedly damaged and no offer of compensation has been tabled to date.

G.A.N.J.A. at first staged peaceful protests, self-destructing vessels in Rens in an effort to raise awareness of their cause. When this provoked no official response from Minmatar Republic officials, Kimberly Hughes' corporation started what they term a "terror campaign."

Eleutherian Guard, a Gallente Federation loyalist corporation currently serving in the Federal Defence Union, issued a declaration of war against G.A.N.J.A, hoping to stop the attacks.

Seriphyn Inhonores, Eleutherian Guard's CEO explained that G.A.N.J.A's erratic periods of activity made the wardec impractical. "We had to focus on our military campaign with our [Federal Defence Union] allies in Placid regardless, so [the war declaration] was dropped unceremoniously."

While Hughes announced further escalation of G.A.N.J.A's campaign, including so-called "ninja" salvage operations, Eleutherian Guard has already declared G.A.N.J.A. will be eradicated, should they resurface.

Mr Inhonores concluded: "Regardless of ideology and intent... attacking unarmed civilians is never an acceptable means to an end."

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Eleutherian Guard Battle Records
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G.A.N.J.A. maintains no public campaign records at present.

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