Space Nuns Mission of Mercy Extends to War-Torn Providence

G-5EN2, Providence - Amidst the ongoing conflict over the Providence region, the Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine [SHOSK], colloquially known as the "Space Nuns" have embarked on a mission of mercy to the area.

Sister Louella Dougans, CEO of SHOSKThe Space Nuns first came to the attention of New Eden when they began saving stranded passengers ejected from capsuleer vessels or left in wreckage in the Domain region. According to Sister Louella Dougans, CEO of SHOSK, they have begun operations in Providence with the intent of being "a guiding light in the darkness" and saving those stranded by the misfortunes of this region-spanning war.

According to the Sister, the nuns use small fast ships (specifically the Executioner-class frigate) when conducting rescue operations in null-sec for their speed and maneuverability, but also for their minimal complement of non-capsuleer crew who would be at risk in larger vessels. Sister Dougans explained that her rescue missions are not without danger and admitted that she had lost "a couple" of such frigates while attempting to reach castaways.

There has been a mixed response to the nuns' missions of mercy, ranging from remarks in the Local channel such as "God save us, it's the Space Nuns!" to an offer to duel from an Ushra'Khan pilot, Cheif AutoParts of Universal Army. In general, however, Sister Dougans claims that local capsuleers from both sides of the Providence conflict have been receptive to her Order's mission.

Sister Dougans stated that the nuns typically find abandoned passengers "at stargates and near stations" though sometimes they must use astrometric probes to locate them deeper into space. Such people have commonly been pulled from, or left in the wreckage of pirate structures such as casinos, brothels, slave compounds and hab units and left stranded to make room for more saleable commidities. To date the nuns have rescued "approximately 20 victims" which is dramatically less than previous their previous endeavours in the more populous Domain region. This may be a testament to the violence with which the Providence war is being conducted.

The nuns report that they have come across large numbers of capsuleer corpses, floating frozen in space, which Sister Dougans says the Sovereign Order incinerates with focused bursts of laser fire after "hearing the horror stories about what Sansha's Nation pirates do with things they find." She estimated that approximately 50 corpses have received this "cleansing by fire," with the nuns stating "People might not like it to find out that their dead body is now piloting a Nightmare, or something like that."

The members of SHOSK state that they will continue their work in the Providence region, taking no sides, hoping only to spare stranded individuals the perils of the vacuum.

The nuns averr that they show no prejudice amongst those they can help, who are often the cast-offs of the capsuleer community, be they dancers, janitors, homeless, slaves or slavers. Those they rescue are spoken to about the Amarr religious scriptures, then, through partnerships between the Sovereign Order and several humanitarian capsuleer organizations, taken to safe destinations where they can be returned home or gradually reintegrated into society if required.

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