Morsus Mihi Lose Titan to White Noise. Alliance

Z-GY5S, Venal - On the first of March, an Erebus class titan piloted by kn0chenk0tz3r of Morsus Mihi was destroyed by pilots of White Noise. and Legion of xXDEATHXx.kn0chenk0tz3r, Morsus Mihi titan pilot

According to John Caldr of White Noise. alliance, the kill was achieved by using a carrier to entice the titan pilot to pounce on a seemingly undefended prey.

The trap was sprung when kn0chenk0tz3r unleashed her doomsday on the carrier. A waiting White Noise. Fleet was bridged into range and closed in for the kill.

Every victory comes at a price. John Caldr confirmed that the Northern Coalition rallied to rescue the titan and fielded four times as many pilots than White Noise: this caused White Noise. to lose at least three capital ships, including a Moros, a Revelation and an Archon plus several support vessels.

With the Titan's damage into the hull, kn0chenk0tz3r's allies were running against the clock to save her: "it took [White Noise.] only 4-5 minutes to kill my ship... my backup was 3 jumps out when I went down," she said.

While TraderJohn, Diplomat for Morsus Mihi, acknowledged that "a titan loss is never acceptable," He is also confident however that the titan will be rebuilt.

Kn0chenk0tz3r confirmed she already has plans to use the future titan to continue ambushing unsuspecting capitals. Just with more caution, this time.

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White Noise. Alliance's Killboard

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