Federal Defence Union Reclaims 13 Systems Including Intaki Homeworld

Intaki, Placid - A major push by Federal Defence Union forces in the last week has resulted in 13 systems which were originally held by the Gallente Federation returning to its governance, including Intaki Prime.

The 13 systems resecured by the Federal Defence Union between 21.02.112 and 27.02.112 were:


Verge Vendor


Faraelle Brightman of FDU corporation Eleutherian Guard claims that the battle for Jovainnon in Verge Vendor was a very close thing. State Protectorate corporation Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United [PERVS] managed to engage and conquer an FDU outpost just in time to protect the system's vulnerable control bunker early in the day, but persistent efforts from FDU forces spearheaded by Handsome Millionaire Playboys [HAMPB] rendered the bunker vulnerable again and went on to destroy it.

Intaki V, The Intaki HomeworldBoth PERVS and Costolle Military Assistance Corporation had been resisting the efforts of Handsome Millionaire Playboys and their FDU allies in Verge Vendor, both by capturing FDU outposts and engaging with FDU-aligned pilots as they attempt to force State Protectorate forces to deploy elsewhere, but the attacks appear to have been too persistent and widespread for them all to be met effectively. According to John Tanashima of ICS-762 Drunken Butterflies, the main FDU onslaught coincided with a substantial curtailing of PERVS operations, leaving only a few corporations and a number of individual pilots directly in STPRO service to oppose system captures.

Loes and Hevrice, a system that had already changed hands three times this year, fell with what HAMPB representative Tavis Darwin describes as "only light resistance," but then the conflict in the region reached a stalemate that was only broken with the fall of both Melmaniel and Muetralle to the FDU 4 days later.

Meanwhile in Placid, an organized coalition of FDU corporations were pushing towards the recapture of the Intaki homeworld. Azure Horizon Federate Militia, Moira., Eleutherian Guard, Strix Armaments and Defence, ArmoredCore Armed Forces and many other FDU affiliates worked intensively in the pirate-infested region to capture State Protectorate installations and drive out occupying forces.

Different corporations in the FDU coalition took on the task of organizing and leading the strikes to recapture various systems, with Azure Federate Horizon, sources claim, taking a leading role in the liberation (those in the Intaki separatist and pro-state movements might prefer to say "reconquest") of the Intaki system itself.

John Tanashima accorded particular respect to Luminaire General Julianus Soter as an opponent. His corporation, Moira., took the lead in the assault upon STPRO defences around Eugales. "General Soter of the FDU did a great job organising an attack, they changed tactics. Started to take space superiority in a single system and pound the Caldari Navy down, instead of looking for deserted systems to take them by surprise."

Tanashima felt, however, that the sudden reorganization and drive from the FDU was not the only factor involved. He continued, stating "At the same moment, the Space Perverts and Forum Warriors Incorporated corporation diminished its global presence, leaving a small core of Caldari capsuleers to defend. Any one of these without the other would have diminished the STPRO effectiveness in keeping systems, but both at the same time... Well, you can see the results."

Meanwhile, more reports coming in of further systems falling to the Federal Defence Union - a forthcoming report will give more details.

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