ILF Shipyard Resumes Operations

Stacmon, Placid - A war earlier this year in Placid between the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] and Moira. forced the closure of the ILF shipyard "Prosperity Station" in Intaki after 4 months of operation. Following the end of this war, the ILF facility is now once again fully operational.

Saxon Hawke of the ILF said "The conflict began [roughly two months ago] when Moira. CEO Julianus Soter ordered his pilot Seraphim Risen to carry out a suicide attack against one of the Intaki Liberation Front miners in Stacmon."

Hawke alleged that the suicide attack was a follow-up to public statements by Julianus Soter alleging cooperation between the ILF and State Protectorate corporations against the Federal Defense Union. He claimed that the ILF was providing information to the Caldari Militia about Federal Defence Union activities.

Saxon Hawke claimed "These allegations were never substantiated and were, in my opinion, merely a smokescreen for Soter and his band of terrorists to attempt to silence the most active voice for Intaki secession." Julianus Soter, however was adamant that the claims were not only true but meticulously verified by his corporation. "The ILF were implicated in an intelligence sharing situation. We verified this, corroborated this evidence of cooperation with the State next to other Federal Defense Union members' [NeoCom data], looked at historical evidence of ILF's member participation in the State conquest of the Intaki system and issued a declaration of war against them to rectify the problem."

The conflict involved around 35 pilots from Moira. and approximately 100 from the ILF. According to both sides the conflict was a series of small skirmishes involving cruisers and frigates. The conflict was particularly fierce around the Intaki V moon 5 station, which formed an important locus of logistics, but ranged as far as Stacmon and Dodixie. Hawke noted that the clash was severe enough to force the ILF to halt production at the shipyard "as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our civilian workforce." This lead to a shortfall in ship and module supply on the local market that the shipyard was originally constructed to address.

Following the Federal Defence Union's resecuring of Placid, Moira. have left the area to join Rote Kapelle alliance. Julianus Soter stated "From Moira.'s perspective, we have exited the theater of operations and are no longer directly concerned with events in the Intaki system... Moira.'s departure from the FDU marks the successful completion of our strategic operations as delineated six months ago following an attempt to destroy the Leviathan above Caldari Prime. With the liberation of the Intaki system and the entire Viriette constellation, along with many other systems, we've moved onto our next phase of corporate operations."

With the conclusion of the conflict, Saxon Hawke reported that "Prosperity Station is back at full production, turning out high quality ships and modules. All of the goods produced at the plant are available locally on Intaki's markets."

The Intaki Liberation Front's conflict with the Moira. corporation concluded with neither side sustaining unrecoverable losses. Prosperity Station is once again functional and supplying ships and modules to the historically understocked Intaki system. The allegations against the ILF remain a source of controversy.

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