Internal Conflict Strikes Caldari State Protectorate

Tama,The Citadel - Multiple members of the Caldari State Protectorate have declared war on fellow Protectorate member Krieger Allianz [LYON] and its alleged sister corporations. Kreiger Allianz members refer to the situation as a "civil war within the Protectorate" while their opponents refer to it as an "internal police operation" whose aim is to "make the life of the Caldari militia more clear and safe."

Lonesome Shadow of LYON states that it was the practice "no tolerance" toward militia members who would loot the wrecks of Krieger Allianz pilots that were lost during fleet operations that caused the conflict. The final straw, in this case, was when, according to Lone Shadow, "a Pink Pillow Fighter Inc. (P-INK) pilot looted Tech 2 Ogre drones from the wreck of a fallen LYON pilot." The LYON fleet responded by destroying the offender and from there was an escalation of force which resulted in as many as ten war declarations on Krieger Allianz from within the militia.

Hidden Snake of the Inglorious-Basterds [I.B.S], the corporation which received the initial war declaration from LYON, sees things differently, according to Snake, the Militia grew tired of LYON pilots attacking fellow militia members with no provocation even going as far as to say that LYON pilots engage in "piracy". Additionally, Hidden Snake observes that Krieger Allianz had "annoyed too many people" and that they had "pushed things over the edge."

Raminga of Payable on Death [1POD]claims he was warned before the incident that Krieger Allianz were often involved in "killing friendly militia" and his own experience with them has involved being attacked for salvaging what he claims was "an empty and abandoned battleship wreck outside a station."

Both sides agree that this current conflict is a distraction from the war with the Gallente Federation; Hidden Snake feels that this may set the State Protectorate forces back "at least two months" but on a positive note has "united us and unlocked the potential of [the] militia."

Those corporations which have aligned themselves against Krieger Allianz claim that LYON has now allied themselves with the opposing Gallente forces; a charge which LYON does not deny. In the words of Lonesome Shadow, this "civil war" has resulted in "LYON forces turning rogue." However, which Gallente corporations Krieger Allianz is working with, Shadow states, remains "classified" for the time being.

Again, both sides agree that there is no way to end this conflict on peaceful terms. Protectorate forces aligned against LYON claim they seek to push them from the militia, and to that effect have destroyed a Krieger Allianz control tower and seek to down their pilots wherever they find them. Meanwhile LYON pilots, who claim the Protectorate forces "hide in high security space" plan to form small gangs and "bleed them dry."

How this conflict will affect the overall strategic outlook for the Caldari State Protectorate, if at all, remains to be seen. However, any disruption from within can only be seen to benefit Gallente Federation forces.

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