Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

ATLAS Deploys in Providence

  • YC112-02-28

    KBP7-G, Providence - Atlas Alliance reinforced two Sev3rance [-7-] industrial structures in the KBP7-G system in what was declared as the first move in the full scale deployment to the Providence region. "We are here to burn down Providence just like we did with Geminate" commented Tzuko1, an Atlas pilot, as the fleet engaged the second tower in the system. This is now a full scale deployment that started with just roaming gang participation in a similar manner to the previous Atlas deployment in the [...]

    'Operation Black Lustrum' Targets North Providence

    • YC112-02-26

      Kamela, The Bleak Lands - The Star Fraction [SF] and allies have been disrupting Holder activities in Northern Providence by targeting Sev3rance with roaming gangs focused on lowering regional industrial and military development indices. One month ago, SF director The Cosmopolite publically announced the start of 'Operation Black Lustrum', a campaign targeting Northern Providence spaceholder Sev3rance with a war that would use damage to overall regional operations as its criterion for success, rather [...]

      Underworld Excavators Mercenary Alliance Expands

      • YC112-02-22

        Jita, The Forge - In the past few months, mercenary alliance Underworld Excavators [WHACK] has dramatically grown with to the addition of two new corporations. Formed on the 16th of May 111, the alliance focuses on mercenary services such as protection of assets, pilots and provision of military services to corporations that request them. New member corporations Maelstrom Crew and Duty. between them house 83 pilots, tripling the size of the alliance. Both corporations had been active for some years as [...]

        Contest Prize Mimir Was Used in Combat Before Award

        • YC112-02-22

          Jita, The Forge - Contest prize vessels for the "Ships of Eve" event run by T'Amber have been flown in combat by F90OEX, the third party entrusted with holding them for the future winner, at T'Amber's instruction. When T'Amber first began her lotteries, most of the ships she awarded as prizes were ships from her own private collection which were all built by herself and her corporation members. As she explained in an interview, it was a collection built up with ISK earned from a considerate amount of [...]

          Failed Sovereignty Transfer Leads to Conflicts Over Six Systems in Providence

          • YC112-02-20

            Z-RFE3, Providence - a leadership succession followed by a failed sovereignty transfer to a new alliance caused Providence Holder Aegis Militia [AM] to lose ownership of six systems in Providence and intense fighting in the affected systems with Against All Authorities, Ushra'Khan (commonly known as AAA and U'K respectively) and allied alliances. Former AM executor K5Project explained that after taking over executive roles six months ago and rebuilding AM "back up strong on its feet", the recent [...]

            Kourmonen Captured By Tribal Liberation Force

            • YC112-02-19

              Kourmonen, The Bleak Lands - At 17:48 today, Kourmonen fell to assaulting vessels from a combined fleet from the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Gallente Federal Defence Union. For the last 15 days, a steadily-escalating struggle has raged for control of key military installations in Kourmonen itself and the surrounding constellation of Sasen. Kourmonen is a crossroads in The Bleak Lands, controlling the gates giving access to most of the Amarr-held systems in the region. The system has held [...]

              Battle for Control Heats Up in Placid

              • YC112-02-16

                Alamel, Placid - At 05:46 on 14.02.112, Alamel solar system was resecured by Federal Defence Union forces. Alamel had been held by State Protectorate forces since 28.05.111. Last year, a concerted effort by State Protectorate forces resulted in the capture of all systems controlled by the Federal Defence Union. This was followed by a long period of stasis as those forces which remained active in the FDU mostly focused on engaging the Caldari State's forces away from their military installations and [...]

                Karttoon Claims GoonSwarm Dissolution Was Euthanasia

                • YC112-02-15

                  31-MLU, Syndicate - The now-former-leader of GoonSwarm, Karttoon, has sent a final message to his ex-alliance in which he claims that his action in dissolving the organization was "euthanasia." The message, which cannot be reprinted here in full due to CONCORD regulations on the publication of obscentities, revealed that Karttoon had been considering sabotaging GoonSwarm for a month before his final action. At that time, he had placed agents close to GoonSwarm caches of war material and taken a stock [...]

                  The Providence War: Part IV – The Return of Unity

                  • YC112-02-15

                    9UY4-H, Providence - "Deliverance Reclaimed" outpost in 9UY4-H system fell to Ushra'Khan [UNITY] on the 08.02.112, with system sovereignty falling into their hands the following day. Ushra'Khan have been fighting Amarr loyalists Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] in Providence for half a decade; they originally held sovereignty in the system which was home to their first outpost, "Unity Station" until it was conquered by CVA. Ushra'Khan allied with Against ALL Authorities, who currently reside in [...]

                    The Providence War: Part III – Internal Struggle

                    • YC112-02-14

                      D-GTMI, Providence - Following the capture of D-GTMI system in Providence from Providence Holder-alliance Paxton Federation, Against ALL Authorities (commonly known as "AAA") offered a 72-hour cessation of sovereignty warfare, during which negotiations could take place between AAA and Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] and their allied Providence Holders. CVA rejected the cease-fire offer and the subsequent terms of territorial non-aggression put on the table by Against ALL Authorities, which led to [...]

                      The Providence War: Part II – Two Fronts Become One

                      • YC112-02-14

                        D-GTMI, Providence - Following the invasion of their sovereign space in Catch earlier this year by the coalition of Providence sovereignty holders, Against ALL Authorities [.-A.-] removed Libertas Fidelitas Alliance [LFA] from the systems they had captured in Catch and launched a retaliatory strike against D-GTMI in Providence, held by Paxton Federation. The beginning of this year saw Against ALL Authorities engaged in a two-front war against GoonSwarm in Delve and the Providence Holders in Catch, but [...]

                        Rare Mimir Cruiser Awarded To Ships of Eve Tournament Victor

                        • YC112-02-13

                          Tarta, Genesis - A very rare Mimir Minmatar cruiser was awarded as first prize in the Ships of Eve "Domination" frigate tournament to Kalnov of Problematique Inc. 66 contestants competed in groups over a number of weeks, culminating in a battle in rookie ships on 23.01.112. The 66 contestants were selected by a variety of methods - either by registering for the event, being chosen at random from among those in the "Ships of Eve Events" channel at a designated time, or by winning a special "Beta" prize [...]

                          The Providence War: Part I – Catch an Easy Prey

                          • YC112-02-12

                            HED-GP, Catch - This first part in a series of four articles on the current struggle for Providence looks back at the start of the year, which saw the Providence Holders make a territorial move in the Catch region, capturing four systems where Against ALL Authorities had dropped sovereignty near the end of last year. This offensive culminated in a 300-ship fleet disabling HED-GP station services. Libertas Fidelitas [LFA] is one of the major Providence Holders and the Alliance responsible for [...]

                            Alliances settle in Geminate after Wildly Inappropriate. deploys to Pure Blind

                            • YC112-02-06

                              ZYL-FT, Geminate - The WI. deployment away from Geminate has left the region up for grabs by several new entrants, among which are Red Alliance [RED], SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] and Ad Astra. Some of the allies of Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] in the war effort over the past few months are now settling into their newly claimed territories and using its resources to strengthen their positions. With a long history of involvements in this area, Ad Astra. collaborated with ATLAS during the war and was in charge of [...]

                              GoonSwarm Corporate Expulsions Lead To Supercarrier Death

                              • YC112-02-04

                                31-MLU, Syndicate - Near 06:00 this morning, over 100 corporations were expelled from the GoonSwarm [OHGOD] alliance. Issachiar, pilot of a Hel-class supercarrier for GoonFleet, was caught by the dissolution of his alliance while within the shields of a starbase belonging to Battlestars corporation. The Hel was expelled from the shields where waiting forces from Cry Havoc [C H] fell upon the vessel. When corporations began dropping out of GoonSwarm, Cry Havoc began receiving automated surrender [...]

                                Sahtogas System Taken By Tribal Liberation Force

                                • YC112-02-03

                                  Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - The Amarr system of Sahtogas fell to Minmatar occupancy yesterday at 14:55. Sahtogas controls the only access point to the Amarr system of Haras, occupancy of which is currently fiercely contested between the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade. The solar system is reported to house considerable mineral wealth, with surveys suggesting the presence of Promethium and several other valuable metals in the local moons. While 24th Imperial Crusade [...]

                                  BREAKING NEWS: GoonSwarm Disband

                                  • YC112-02-03

                                    Hulm, Heimatar - In the early hours of this morning, 03.02.112, GoonSwarm alliance disbanded. All but two corporations from the GoonSwarm alliance are currently flying under no alliance ticker. The Goony Hand Social Club banking corporation remains in the shell of the alliance after trouble accessing it in the absence of GoonFleet CEO Karttoon led to the loss of sovereignty over key GoonFleet systems in Delve. Reasons for the move are not yet known; given the recent decision to abandon the alliance's [...]

                                    Lapsed Upkeep Payments Remap Null-Sec Sovereignty

                                    • YC112-02-01

                                      AJI-MA, Delve - Sovereignty claims upon almost 100 null-sec systems were dissolved between the 20 - 26.01.112 as the corporations GoonFleet, The xDeathx Squadron and a number of corporations in Wildly Inappropriate. alliance failed to pay the required upkeep charges for their territorial claim units and infrastructure upgrades. In the early hours of 26.01.112, GoonSwarm corporation GoonFleet lost sovereignty over 30 systems across Delve, Querious and Period Basis after automatic payment of the upkeep [...]